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Neighbourhood Watch Nottinghamshire: NottsWatch

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What is neighbourhood watch?

Neighbourhood Watch (NHW) schemes are run by volunteers in the community who work closely with their local police team to prevent and detect crime.

Criminals are put off by Neighbourhood Watch areas because they know people are actively determined to prevent crime and may be more vigilant than in other areas.

Residents in Neighbourhood Watch areas also feel safer knowing their neighbours are keeping an eye out for one another while they are at work or on holiday.

Being part of a Neighbourhood Watch scheme means we will keep you informed of local crime that may affect you.

This extra knowledge allows you to take immediate action if you see anything suspicious. By sharing details of suspicious activity with us, it also helps your local officers to prevent crime or target criminals.

Does your street have a Neighbourhood Watch?

If not, you could consider setting up one yourself. It's free and
easy but could go a long way towards protecting you and your neighbours

Join your local Neighbourhood Watch

For more information about your local neighbourhood watch scheme for Nottinghamshire, please visit the NottsWatch website.

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NottsWatch aims to help people to protect themselves and their properties and reduce their community’s fears of becoming victims.