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Making our website accessible

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Nottinghamshire Police is committed to making its website accessible to all its users, complying with industry standards and best practice to ensure that our site is as easy-to-use as possible and is accessible for everyone in our community.

What is accessibility?

Accessibility is defined as the ability of people with disabilities and other requirements to perceive, understand, navigate and interact with websites by:

  • Navigating the site easily to find the information they require
  • Accessing images, video and sound content via text only alternatives
  • Completing and submitting web forms

Making our website accessible

The Nottinghamshire Police website is designed to comply with the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) 'Web Accessibility Initiative's Double-A' standard as a minimum, meaning the site should be compatible with all main screen readers, screen magnifiers and other assistive technologies.

Our website also uses cascading stylesheets (CSS) in its design. If your browser or device does not support stylesheets, this means that you can disable the stylesheets and view a text only version of our website.

Report a concern

If you have any concerns or are having difficult accessing any element of the Nottinghamshire Police website, please call the Force’s Corporate Communication team on 101 extension 800 2077 or email website@nottinghamshire.pnn.police.uk