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Changes to Firearm and Shotgun Certificate applications from 3 September 2018

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Nottinghamshire Police will soon require ‘medical declaration’ information to be verified by an applicant’s GP whenever an application for a new or renewed Firearms or Shotgun Certificate is made to the force.

This requirement affects all applications:

  • For a new Firearms or Shotgun Certificate made after 3 September 2018.
  • To renew a Firearms or Shotgun Certificate that is due to expire on or after 3 December 2018.

How to request this information

The information should be requested from your GP and provided at the point you make your application to Nottinghamshire Police. You can download an editable letter template which provides a suggested format for requesting this information from your GP here.

The information from your GP should be returned to Nottinghamshire Police’s Firearms Licensing department using the address provided on the template letter. The address for the force’s Firearms Licensing department is also available here.

What you can do to avoid unnecessary delays with your application

Nottinghamshire Police recommends you approach your GP prior to making your application.

If your GP requires Nottinghamshire Police to contact them before providing this information, please ensure that you contact Nottinghamshire Police as soon as possible to make them aware of this requirement so that the application can be processed within the eight-week period.

Reminder: Honesty is the best policy

Applicants are reminded that it is a criminal offence to make a dishonest declaration when providing information to support your application.

The fact you have a condition may not necessarily mean your application is refused. However, a false declaration could result in your application being refused, your existing license being revoked and your firearms or shotguns being seized.