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Apply for an Explosives Certificate: Advice for individuals

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Advice for individuals wanting to store explosives with an Explosives Certificate.

Applying for use in firearms, shotguns and re-enactments

If you are applying as an individual, please use Explosives Form ER 4a  to apply for the grant of an explosives certificate or the renewal of an existing certificate:

Form ER4a should only be used:

  • Where the applicant is applying for those explosives items that are for use solely in their firearms and/or shotguns; or
  • Where the acquisition of blackpowder (gunpowder) in connection with re-enactments, where the applicant is not required to hold a certificate under the Firearms Acts. Any person requiring additional explosives that do not fulfil this purpose must complete Explosives Form ER 4.

Applying for the renewal of an Explosive Certificate for blackpowder to be used in firearms

If you are applying for the renewal of an Explosives Certificate for use in firearms or shotguns and you are applying for the renewal of a Firearm or Shotgun Certificate at the same time, you will need to complete Explosives Form ER 4b:

Please note that each of the above forms should be printed-off and returned to the address provided as a physical copy of your signature is required with your application(s).