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Register as a Firearms Dealer

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Information on how to apply to become a Registered Firearms Dealer.

Who needs to register as a firearms dealer?

Registering as a firearms dealer allows you to be in possession of firearms, shotguns and ammunition without the need to hold a Firearms or Shotgun Certificate, provided they are held by you as part of your business, are not for personal use and you keep a register listing all your transactions concerning them.

You are required to register as a firearms dealer if you or your business:

  • Manufactures, sells, transfers, repairs, tests or proves firearms, ammunition or shotguns.
  • Sells or transfers air weapons.

All premises you intend using in connection with the business of a Firearms Dealer must be registered. If your business refurbishes or engraves firearms or shotguns, you may also be required to register as a Firearms Dealer.

Does this registration allow me to use a firearm or shotgun myself?

No. If you intend to use a firearm or shotgun for your own use you will need to apply for a Firearm or Shotgun Certificate.

How to register as a firearms dealer

To register as a firearms dealer, please apply using Form 116 (see below). The form should be printed-off and returned to the address provided as a physical copy of your signature is required with your application:

What happens next?

Once Nottinghamshire Police has received your application, a member of our Firearms Licensing team will contact you as soon as possible to request any further information and to arrange to visit you. Please note that any missing or incorrect information may lead to delays processing your application.

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