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Price list for Firearms, Shotgun and Explosives Certificates. Prices valid from 5 April 2015 onwards.

Firearms Certificates, valid for five years

  • Grant of firearm certificate: £88
  • Renewal of firearm certificate: £62
  • Co-term FAC & SGC Grant: £90
  • Co-term FAC grant & SGC Renewal: £90
  • Co-term FAC renewal & SGC grant: £90
  • Co-term FAC & SGC renewal: £65
  • Variation of a firearm certificate to increase the number of firearms held on the certificate (other than at renewal): £20
  • Replacement of a firearm certificate: £4

Shotgun certificates, valid for five years

  • Grant of a shot gun certificate: £79.50
  • Renewal of a shot gun certificate: £49
  • Replacement of a shot gun certificate: £4

Explosives Certificates

  • Acquire only, valid for one year maximum: Not applicable (free)
  • Acquire and keep, valid for three years maximum: Not applicable (free)
  • Where MSER License/Registration not required: Please refer to the HSE website

Visitors Permits Fee payable

  • Application for a Visitors Permit for between one and five people: £20 per person
  • Application for a group Visitors Permit for between six and 20 people: £100.00 for the group

Club Approvals

  • Firearm Certificate for Home Office Approved Club: Not applicable (free)

Dealer Registration, valid for three years

  • Initial registration of a person as a firearms dealer £200
  • Triennial re-registration as a firearms dealer £200

Payments by cheque

Please make all cheques payable to 'Notts PCC'.