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Apply for a Visitor’s Permit

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Advice on how to apply for a Visitor’s Firearm or Shot Gun Permit if you are planning to visit the UK and wish to have firearms, shotguns or ammunition in your possession during your visit.

What you need to know

  • A Visitor’s Firearm or Shot Gun Permit is required if you wish to visit the UK specifically to shoot.
  • Applications for a Visitor’s Permit should be made by an eligible ‘sponsor’ on behalf of the visitor to the UK. Eligible sponsors include existing certificate holders or a representative of a registered local shooting club or syndicate.
  • Visitors Permits are valid for up to 12 months.
  • Applications must show full details of weapons covered and, in the case of a firearms permit, show details of the quantity of ammunition to be purchased/acquired and held.
  • The application should be made to the local police force to the area you are visiting although separate Visitor Permits are not required for each police area you are planning to visit as one permit can be used throughout Great Britain.
  • We recommend you apply for a Visitor’s Permit in plenty of time to ensure your application is processed in time for your visit.

How to apply

Form 107 should be used for all applications for a Visitor’s Firearm or Shot Gun Permit. The form should be printed-off and returned to the address provided as a physical copy of your signature is required with your application: