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Advice guide - Protecting your business against robbery

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Protect your business against robbery

Simple security precautions

  • Remove advertising or posters from windows if they obstruct the view of staff.
  • Don’t hold large amounts of cash in your till.
  • Do not count cash in public view. Cashing up should take place in a back room, preferably where the safe is located, with the door locked.
  • Staff need to be aware they must be extra vigilant at opening time and in the lead up to closing time.
  • Keep a record of all suspicious incidents.
  • Advertise the security systems that are in place.
  • Train staff on how to deal with the public in violent or confrontational situations.

Other security options

  • Install CCTV
  • Install a remote locking device that allows you to control who enters the premises.
  • Install intruder and hold-up alarms. For details of approved alarm companies please visit The National Security Inspectorate website www.nsi.org.uk
  • Install a safe with a time delay system

Banking advice

Banking can be a vulnerable time, as the journey to the bank means you do not have the security that you have in-store. Reduce the risk:

  • Identify a number of safe routes to the bank.
  • Vary the days, times and routes of bank runs.
  • Place cash in a rucksack, rather than a cash tin or bag.
  • Use physically fit staff who have received relevant security training.

What to do if a robbery takes place

  • Close your business immediately as this will help the police crime scene examiners.
  • Help customers or staff who may have been injured or appear to be suffering from shock.
  • Call police dial 999 and provide the operator with details. They will need the address, details of any injuries, and details about the offenders.
  • Don’t touch anything that has been handled or left by the robber(s). Firearms or other weapons should not be touched but left in place for police to deal with.
  • Secure any CCTV images. Do not watch the footage, but tell police that CCTV exists.

Robbery is a traumatic offence and affects people differently.If you or a colleague need help contact the Nottinghamshire Victim Care (Cope and Recovery Empowerment) – tel. 0800 304 7575  or visit: www.nottsvictimcare.org.uk

Advice and tips from our Crime Prevention Unit on protecting your business against robbery.

To speak to our Crime Prevention Unit about protecting your property and reducing your chances of becoming a victim of crime, email Nphub@nottinghamshire.pnn.police.uk

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