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Farm machinery: Rural crime prevention advice

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Reduce the risk in six steps:

  1. If stored outside, keep vehicles in a well-lit location overnight, keep them locked at ALL times when not in use.
  2. Keep the keys with you or in a locked key safe.
  3. Consider using hitch locks and wheel clamps.
  4. Consider a tracking device or data tracking chip for high value items.
  5. Register valuable plant. Five items can be registered free with the national plant and equipment register www.ter-europe.org
  6. All property, including vehicles should be photographed and recorded in an asset register. Love it, log it! www.immobilise.com

Mark your property

Deter thieves - make sure your property is clearly marked CREMARK and similar property marking systems are available to buy from Nottinghamshire Police’s Pre-Crime Unit. To request more information call 101, extension 800 3011.

Nottinghamshire Alert

Sign up for free advice and crime alerts at Nottinghamshire Alert.

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