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Foil metal and diesel thieves: Rural crime prevention advice

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Reduce the risk in six steps:

  1. Store diesel in a secure fuel tank within a bund and use good quality locks.
  2. Carefully consider the siting of the tank and avoid isolated areas such as outlying buildings.
  3. For tanks sited close to an electricity supply, additional security in the form of lights, motion sensors or alarms should be considered.
  4. In high risk situations consider using a mobile bowser that can be stored in a secure place when not in use.
  5. Paint a recognisable design on low value metal items such as gates and take photos.
  6. Dispose of scrap metal regularly and legitimately and report any suspicious activity to the police.

Mark your property

Deter thieves- make sure your property is clearly marked CREMARK and similar property marking systems are available to buy from Nottinghamshire Police’s Pre Crime Unit. To request more information call 101 ext 800 3011.

Nottinghamshire Alert

Sign up for free advice and crime alerts at Nottinghamshire Alert.

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