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Recovering your vehicle if it has been seized or stolen

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Stolen vehicles

Reporting your vehicle as stolen

If your vehicle is stolen, your first step should be to report it as stolen to Nottinghamshire Police by calling 101 or, if the incident is in progress, by calling 999.

When you report your vehicle stolen, you should have been asked if you wanted the Police Duty Garage Scheme to recover it if it is later found and that a charge would apply for this service. You should also have been advised that you don’t have to use the Police Duty Garage as there is no obligation to use the scheme.

If you weren't asked about this, please read the information below then call us on 101, quoting your incident number, to record your wishes.

Recovering your vehicle if it has been stolen

How much does recovery cost?

The cost is determined by a pricing matrix set out by the Government and will depend on a number of factors, including the vehicle's weight, where it is found and the condition it is found in.

The Stolen Vehicle Recovery Procedure outlines what happens if your vehicle is found.

I have requested that my vehicle is recovered if it is found

The recovery will be arranged if your vehicle is found and you will be advised as soon as possible where your vehicle has been recovered to. It will be examined by a scenes of crime officer to see if they can recover evidence left by the offenders to help our investigation.

Once you have been told your vehicle has been recovered, you should contact the garage that has it and tell them how they can contact you to arrange for it to be collected once it has been authorised for release.

While the vehicle is retained, there are no storage charges, but charges start 24 hours after it has been released for collection.

I have declined to have my vehicle recovered if it is found

The following things will happen if your vehicle is found:

  • If an officer is present when your vehicle is found, they will carry out a risk assessment. If it hasn't been involved in any further incidents, there is no risk of any further loss or damage to your vehicle and it can be safely left at the location, no recovery will be arranged.
  • You will be contacted as soon as possible using the contact details your provided to us when you reported your vehicle stolen. You will be advised where it is and what condition it is in. You could be contacted at any time of the day or night.
  • If you decide you want the vehicle recovering by the Police Duty Garage Scheme, please tell the person who contacts you and it will be arranged for you.
  • If you still wish to arrange your own recovery of the vehicle, you need to be aware that the officer won't stay with your vehicle and wait for you or someone acting on your behalf to attend to recover it.

There will be occasions where an officer has carried out a risk assessment and deems it necessary for a Police Duty Garage to attend and recover the vehicle using our powers under the Road Traffic Regulations Act 1984, for example abandoned after being involved in a Road Traffic Collision and blocking the road. In these circumstances, you will be charged for the vehicle's recovery. The officer's decision will be considered by an inspector before this is arranged.

Should the decision be made to arrange recovery of your vehicle under the Police Duty Garage Scheme, the officer will stay with your vehicle until it's recovered. Unlike national breakdown services, Police Duty Garages have a contract to attend any location within a specified timeframe - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year - which is monitored and action taken if they fail to meet these targets.

Should I speak to my insurance company?

It could be beneficial to talk to your insurer or their agent about the theft of your vehicle. They could reject your claim if there has been a delay in registering the claim or if there has been more damage to your vehicle in the time after it was found by the police and you being updated but before you went to collect and recover it (if you decide not to use the Police Duty Garage Scheme recovery service).

Your insurance company will be able to offer you further advice about what they want you to do about getting your vehicle recovered if it is found.

My vehicle is a Motability Finance vehicle?

As part of your lease contract, Motability Finance insist the vehicle must be recovered at the earliest opportunity as Motability Finance endorse the use of the Police Vehicle Recovery Scheme.

Can I change my mind about using the recovery scheme?

If you want to change your mind either way, please contact Nottinghamshire Police on 101, quoting your incident number, and tell the operator your wishes.

My vehicle and was stolen before I was aware it had been stolen

Clearly, as we did not know the vehicle was stolen at that time, we could not have ascertained your wishes. The charges will still apply as the officer will have used a lawful power to recover the vehicle.

Vehicles seized for having no tax

For untaxed vehicles, there is no requirement to go to a police station.

Instead the owner should attend the relevant duty garage and comply with the DVLA release procedure which requires:

  1. The owner to produce documentation for the vehicle. If the V5C registration document is not in the new keepers name, they must complete a V62 new keeper notification and pay a £25 charge for that part of the process.
  2. Produce evidence that there is now tax in place or pay a £160 surety fee which can be reclaimed if the vehicle is taxed within 28 days.
  3. Pay a fine to DVLA Swansea which increases daily. Statutory fees do not apply.