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Routes of Entry into Policing

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This is a new and exciting opportunity for candidates to apply to become police officers, working towards achieving a BA in policing while they undertake their police training. This provides an exciting opportunity for driven and talented individuals to obtain a degree whilst working.

Police Constable Degree Apprenticeship (PCDA)

There are a range of roles and opportunities in Nottinghamshire Police which you will see advertised on the main careers page. The Talent Support team aim to support all areas of recruitment but at present our main focus is currently on PC recruitment.

Nottinghamshire Police are one of the early adopters of the Police Constable Degree Apprenticeship. This opportunity comes as part of the national changes to police recruitment. From 2020 the entry requirements to policing will change and all officers will be required to have a degree level qualification. As such there will be three routes of entry:

  • The degree holder programme - for those who already have a degree
  • The Pre-Join programme - If you want to study first, you can do a three year degree in professional policing at your own expense, and then apply to a force and follow a shorter on-the-job training programme. Being a special constable can be included in this route.
  • The Police Constable Degree Apprenticeship – for those who do not yet have a degree

This provides an exciting opportunity for driven and talented individuals to obtain a degree whilst working and earning. They do not have to contribute towards the cost of their degree. The programme will be a three year programme and as such the police officer probationary period has been extended to three years for these officers. They will also start on a lower wage than standard PC recruitment. The wage is still to be agreed nationally but we anticipate it to be in the region of £18k starting pay.

The Apprenticeship programme will enable rotations around various key departments in the second year and the Apprentices will be able to apply for specialisms in their third year.

The Talent Support team are keen to support individuals from under-represented communities who wish to apply for the apprenticeship scheme.

Standard PC eligibility criteria applies.

There is no upper age limit.

Please read all the documents on the application link carefully as there is part of the application form and guidance on how to apply in the link called -The Police Constable Apprenticeship - Application form

To find out more please contact: talentsupport@nottinghamshire.pnn.police.uk