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Special Constable talking to public

Special Constables

Special Constable talking to public

Special Constables

Special Constables (or "Specials") are volunteer police officers with the same powers as regular officers. They work in partnership with regular officers and the wider policing family, such as Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs). Specials spend a minimum of four hours a week supporting their police colleagues to tackle crime in their communities.

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What do specials do?
How many hours will I need to commit?
How do I apply?
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What do Special Constables do?

Specials take part in frontline police work. They spend most of their time on the streets, doing intelligence-based patrols in crime hotspots or taking part in crime-prevention initiatives. This could mean anything from keeping town centres safe at night to conducting house-to-house enquiries or helping prevent vulnerable members of the community from becoming victims of crime.

Our special constables also help us to keep the public safe at major events such as football matches, goose fair and splendour festival.

If you have skills or experience in a certain area that you think could benefit Nottinghamshire Police, please get in touch.

How many hours do Special Constables have to volunteer?

We ask that you volunteer a minimum of 16 hours a month. Most police forces expect members of their Special Constabulary to perform around four hours' duty per week (roughly 17 hours per month).

How do I apply?

Once you feel you are ready to apply and you meet all the eligibility criteria, details will be posted on this page for how to apply to become a Special Constable.

Please note that becoming a Special Constable does not mean automatic entry into the regular police force.

Other useful information

A Frequently Asked Questions and 'What happens next?' guide are available with more information on applying to become a Special Constable.