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Volunteer checking police car

Police Support Volunteers

Volunteer checking police car

Police Support Volunteers

If you have spare time and want to enhance your CV or simply volunteer with a police force, we can provide opportunities to help you learn new skills and make a difference. The roles are non-confrontational and only require a minimum commitment of two hours per week (eight hours per month).

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What activities can I take on?
Who can be a volunteer?
How are volunteers supported?
Student Volunteers?
How can I apply?

What activities can I take on?

Our volunteer roles are designed to enhance the work of our officers and staff and give extra support to local communities. They help police officers and staff who are then able to concentrate on core policing duties, which means more officer on-the-streets and improved community support.

Volunteering opportunities vary from one department to another according to their needs across the force and in local communities. Some roles are based in an office and others may be more public facing in the community. We are looking for people who would like to get involved in a range of activities, if you have skills that you think would benefit Nottinghamshire Police, please get in touch.

Who can volunteer?

You must be over 18. A security vetting check will be carried out on you to assess the trustworthiness and integrity of you and your associates. You will be subject to the same criteria as our staff members. Your application may not be accepted if there is a conflict of interest in your professional life or another volunteering role.

As part of your application, therefore, you are asked to disclose the nature of your employment or details of other voluntary work you do.

Volunteer talking to a man

How are volunteers supported?

Volunteers will be given resources to carry out their role effectively and we will ensure, through induction and training, they are properly integrated into the organisation.

Volunteers naturally fall under the supervision of line managers within the division or department that they are based. You will be treated the same as employees and all support provision will be available to you.

Student volunteers

Are you a student that could volunteer to support your studies? There are various different options available to you that could be available through your University setting. You can find information on any available volunteering opportunities on our force website.

How do I apply?

Please visit our current vacancies page to see what volunteer roles we have available at present.

Please note the majority of our volunteering roles require you to be available between Monday and Friday and during office hours.

If you have a question about volunteering, please contact our volunteer co-ordinator on 101 extension 311 7502 or email citizensinpolicing@notts.police.uk