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Talent Support

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Nottinghamshire Police are ambitious in their aims to attract, recruit, support and promote talented individuals who represent the diverse communities and groups that live in Nottinghamshire. Our force priority is to be an employer of choice and as such we have a strong commitment to equality and diversity.

We need to understand the barriers that currently prevent talented people from under-represented groups from applying to the police, work to break down those barriers and then support individuals who come forward through the process.

In particular we support under-represented candidates through the application process with guidance around the application form and preparation for the assessment centre. The reality is that most of our over-represented candidates are far more likely to already know someone in the force (friends or family) and are therefore more likely to be able to access advice regarding the application process. The talent support team work to re-dress that balance and aim to achieve a more diverse workforce.

Find out about awareness events and application support sessions.