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Front cover of 1897 Police Instructions book

1897 - Chief Constable of the Nottingham City Police Philip S. Clay issues his instructions for the governance and guidance of the force

Published as a set of standing orders, the book was also a handy guide to current legislation, as well as general guide on how an officer should conduct himself (there were no female officers then) whilst going about their duty.

It provides a fascinating insight into the duties of officers at the time, such as 'to notice the state of the public lamps, and if out of repair or not properly lighted, particulars are to be reported'. It also details newly relevant traffic legislation, explaining that 'No light locomotive [car] shall travel along a public highway at a greater sped than fourteen miles an hour…'.  

Children seemed to be a public menace, according to Mr Clay, who advised officers that 'all children trundling hoops in the street are to be cautioned against doing so. The hoops may be taken from the children if they persist in rolling them after being cautioned' and also that 'playing the game of cat in the public streets is often dangerous, and should be stopped'

Courtesy of PC Tom Andrews.