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Cyber Crime

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Cyber Crime: 

Nottinghamshire Police’s Cyber Crime Unit deal with Cyber-dependant crime or any offence that falls within the Computer Misuse Act 1990. Cyber-dependant crimes are offences where a computer/network has targeted another computer or network. This could be in the form of a hacking, denial of service attack or malicious software.

The cyber crime unit also deliver an early intervention scheme called Cyber Choices. The ethos of Cyber Choices is to help individuals who are showing signs of drifting into criminality to use their skills in a positive way, rather than for committing Computer Misuse Act offences.  

Several million cases of Computer Misuse offences are reported to the police every year. It's staggering that so many of those crimes could have been avoided by making a few small changes in online behaviour.

To avoid becoming a victim of online crime you don’t need to be a computer expert. Developing a few good online habits drastically reduces your chances of becoming a victim of Cyber Crime, makes you less vulnerable and lets you use the internet safely.

Online fraud, also known as Cyber Crime, covers all crimes that:

  • take place online
  • are committed using computers, or
  • are assisted by online technology

Protect yourself against cyber crime

If you are currently being subjected to a live and ongoing cyber-attack then please contact us on 101.

If you suspect you’ve been scammed, defrauded or experienced cyber crime, the Action Fraud team can also provide the help, support and advice you need.

Call Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 (textphone 0300 123 2050).

Forward suspicious emails to report@phishing.gov.uk and report text message scams by forwarding the original message to 7726 (spells SPAM on the keypad)

Our Cyber Protect Officers will respond to all reports of Cyber Dependant crime and provide support/advice to victims. 

Find out how to keep yourself safer online by completing our Online Safety Checklist below, please refer to our Online Support section. 

Online support

Further advice and support

Action Fraud - the UK's national fraud and Cyber Crime reporting centre

Cyber Aware - essential advice on protecting yourself online

National Cyber Security Centre - helping to make the UK safer to live and do business in the UK 

East Midlands Cyber Secure - has everything you need to know about how you can best protect your personal details.