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What are Enhanced Rights and how do I receive them?

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Enhanced rights are services which are offered to victims who are more likely to require extra support and services through the criminal justice process due to the nature of the crime they are victim of or because of their particular vulnerability as a victim.

There are three groups of victim who are entitled to receive enhanced entitlements:

You may be entitled to enhanced services under more than one category at the same time. For example, if you are under 18 years of age, you will be automatically eligible for enhanced services as a vulnerable victim regardless of whether you are also a victim of the most serious crime or are a persistently targeted victim. A victim of domestic violence is eligible for enhanced services as a victim of the most serious crime, but may also qualify for enhanced services as a vulnerable or intimidated victim.

All victims of criminal conduct are entitled to an assessment by the police to identify any needs or support required. The length and content of this assessment depends on the severity of the crime and your individual needs. The assessment will take into account your personal characteristics, the nature and circumstances of the crime and your views. The more information you are able to provide during the assessment, the more tailored the level of support will be to your individual needs.

Additionally, your needs may change while the criminal conduct is being investigated due to your health, intimidation or any other reason. Therefore service providers must give you the opportunity to be re-assessed if your change of circumstances is brought to their attention.

Once a service provider has identified that you are eligible for enhanced entitlements under this Code, that service provider must ensure that this information is passed on as necessary to other service providers with responsibilities under this Code and to victims' services where appropriate. Service providers should check with you first that you are content for them to pass on your information to victims' services.

If you do not fall into the three categories outlined below, the service provider may exercise their discretion and provide enhanced Rights under one of these categories depending on the circumstances of the victim concerned and the impact that the crime has had on them. It is important to note however that the service provider is not obliged to offer these services if you don't fall into one of the categories.