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What information will I receive after a person has been charged with an offence?

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You are entitled to be informed and be given reasons for any decision the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) makes to:

  • discontinue a charge and proceed on another; 
  • substantially alter a charge; 
  • discontinue all proceedings; 
  • offer no evidence in all proceedings. 

In addition, where the CPS discontinues or offers no evidence in all proceedings, you are also entitled to be informed of how you can access further information about the decision and how you can seek a review of the decision if you are dissatisfied with it.

You are entitled to receive the information above within 5 working days of the decision being made. If you are a victim of the most serious crime, persistently targeted or vulnerable or intimidated, you are entitled to receive this information within 1 working day.

In addition, if you are a bereaved close relative in a qualifying case, or a victim in a specified case you are entitled to be offered a meeting with the CPS to explain further a decision to discontinue or substantially alter a charge, discontinue all proceedings or offer no evidence in all proceedings. This is unless the prosecutor concludes that, in all the circumstances, a meeting should not take place. If the CPS decides that a meeting is not appropriate, the decision will be explained to you.