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What steps do the police have to take with regard to victims of crime during an investigation?

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The Victims' Code provides that criminal justice agencies have responsibilities towards victims of crime. This answer deals specifically with the police responsibilities.

The police must:

  • notify the victim within 5 working days if the crime is finalised at source (not investigated).
  • supply the victim with a victim of crime leaflet within 5 working days.
  • inform Nottinghamshire Victim Care of the victim's details within 2 days of the crime report (unless the victim asks them not to do so), except in cases of theft of/from a motor vehicle, tampering with a motor vehicle or minor criminal
  • damage (unless the victim is vulnerable, a repeat victim, a victim of a hate crime or has specifically requested that the police do so).
  • where no suspect has been arrested, keep the victim up to date on the investigation, at least on a monthly basis, until the end of the enquiries.
  • if a suspect is arrested and dealt with by: no further action; bail; a caution; a penalty notice for disorder; or any other court disposal; notify the victim within 5 working days. Notification includes reasons for bail, bail conditions set and court dates.

Informing the victim can include doing so by letter, telephone, personal visit, fax, text message or email.

Once Victim Care has received your details from the police, they will contact you by telephone, or if this is not possible, by letter, inviting you to get in touch if you require support. They will speak to you about the service they offer and what they can do to assist you. Their service is free and confidential. Victim Care can offer you practical support, such as help with making insurance and criminal injuries claims; and also emotional support. Their highly trained volunteers will meet with you face to face or call you on the telephone if you prefer, to talk to you about the effects of the crime.

If you are required to attend court as a witness, the Witness Service will contact you and also offer you support on the day at court and in advance of the day if needed.