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What steps do the police have to take with regard to vulnerable victims of crime?

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The Victims' Code provides that criminal justice agencies have responsibilities towards victims of crime. This answer deals specifically with the police responsibilities.

Vulnerable victims are provided with an enhanced service. People classed as vulnerable are:

  • Children under the age of 18. 
  • Any person suffering from a mental disorder. 
  • Any person suffering from a learning disability. 
  • Any person who is physically disabled. 
  • Any witness whose evidence is likely to be diminished through fear or distress. 
  • Any victim of domestic or sexual abuse.

    Vulnerable victims must be informed within 1 working day if a suspect has been arrested or a warrant has been issued due to the suspect's failure to attend at court.

    Once the police pass your details to Nottinghamshire Care, they will contact you by telephone, or if this is not possible, by letter, inviting you to get in touch if you require support. They will speak to you about the service they offer and what they can do to assist you. Their service is free and confidential and can offer you practical support such as help with making insurance and criminal injuries claims and also emotional support where their highly trained volunteers will meet with you face to face or call you on the telephone if you prefer to talk to you about the effects of the crime.