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Independent Advisory Groups: Representing your views

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We work with a range of Independent Advisory Groups (IAGs) that represent the interests of groups and communities across Nottinghamshire.

There are currently three IAGs:

  • City and County IAG
  • City Division Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender IAG 
  • Police Disability Advisory Group

What is an Independent Advisory Group (IAG)?

An IAG is a forum made up of non-police independent advisors from the community. It acts as a critical friend to the force, providing independent advice and viewpoints on issues identified by the police and/or the community. These issues can be policies, procedures, working practices or critical incidents.

What do they do?

The role of the IAG is not one of scrutiny, but provides a safeguard against disadvantaging any section of our communities through of lack of understanding, ignorance or mistaken belief.

The IAG provides a forum to have an open dialogue with individuals and receive a range of diverse views and provide a broad spectrum of community perspectives.

The aim is to use the advice and recommendations from the IAGs to increase trust, confidence, respect and partnership between us and the community we serve.

What sort of issues do they advise on?

In the past, IAGs have advised on the recruitment process and how we can increase recruitment from under-represented groups, the Stop and Search process and how the Honour Based Violence team can improve their work with victims. These are just a few examples of a wide variety of key issues discussed by the IAGs.

Can I become a member of an IAG?

Yes, members of the public are welcome to join IAGs. Contact the chair of the IAG you would like to join.