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Local Update February 2016 : Harworth and Bircotes

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February 2016

Local crime update

News from Recent Arrests/Court over past 3 months.

Two stolen quad bikes recovered from address.

Officers from Nottinghamshire police attended an address in Harworth where 2 x quad bikes believed to be stolen were subsequently recovered.  Enquiries are ongoing where a male and female from the Harworth and bircotes area are being interviewed as part of the investigation.

Male and female prolific shoplifters receive prison sentence.

A Male and Female prolific shoplifters from the Rossington, South Yorkshire area were recently charged with a Shop Theft of approximately £200 of meat at the Aldi store in Harworth along with several other shop thefts in the Doncaster area.  They both attended Doncaster Magistrates court on 23rd December 2015 where they both pleaded guilty and received 16 weeks prison sentence each.

Going equipped

Two males from the Harworth & Bircotes area have been arrested in Derbyshire for going equipped and have been bailed until the end of April 2016 pending further enquiries.

Diesel thefts

Two Males from the Harworth & Bircotes area have been charged with Diesel thefts from the East Bassetlaw area and are due to appear at Mansfield Magistrates court at the end of Decemver 2015.

Juveniles prosecuted for possession of air weapons

Two Juveniles from the Harworth and Bircotes area have been prosecuted for possession of an unloaded/loaded air weapon in a public place where they were found in possession of an air weapon in the Bircotes area.  Both juveniles are due to appear at Mansfield youth court on 3rd March 2016. An adult is also due to appear at court in relation to the same incident for fail to take precautions to prevent a minor having an air weapon with him.

Male charged with breach of injunction

A Male from the Harworth and Bircotes area has been charged with a breach of an Anti Social Behaviour Injunction where he was remanded to appear at county court.

Vehicle crime and shed breaks in the area

Harworth and Bircotes has seen an increase of shed breaks and vehicle crime over December 2015 and January 2016.  Residents need to be aware that in particular Quad Bikes, motorbikes/mopeds are being targeted and stolen from properties in the area.

It is believed that most of these bikes are then passed on and sold to other persons however it appears that some of these bikes are being used in the Harworth and Bircotes area for ‘joy riding’ and have been seen riding around the area in the evenings and through the night.  There has been some recent success where some of the motorbikes/quadbikes stolen have been found abandoned in nearby woodland areas.

Nottinghamshire Police are taking positive action in carrying out various operations in the area including officers in plain clothes.  As a result of these operations some of the stolen vehicles have been found intact with minor damage usually to the ignition where on other occasions they have been burnt out and destroyed.  As a result of these operations there has been a noticeable reduction in shed breaks and vehicle crime throughout February 2016, however the operations will continue throughout the next couple of months.

We are asking residents to be extra vigilant in making note of any suspicious persons or vehicles in the area and to pay particular attention in documenting descriptions of persons in particular clothing and if reporting a suspicious vehicle to make a note of the vehicle registration number plate and if possible colour and make of the vehicle in case the vehicle is using false number plates.

We are urging anybody with any information as to where the stolen quads/motorbikes are being stored and/or who is riding them to report this either directly to us on the non emergency 101 Notts police telephone number.  Or if you prefer to report this anonymously you can ring Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

We are urging residents to be extra vigilant in ensuring that garages and sheds are secure and never to leave them unlocked especially if they connect to your property.  To help secure your shed and garden you may want to consider fitting a strong hasp and padlock to your shed door.

Make sure the door is strong enough to resist being kicked or pushed in.  Replace standard hinges secured by coach bolts or use security screws on existing hinges.  Consider fitting a battery operated shed alarm and visibly mark property you keep in your shed and garage.

Some advice around securing your shed can also be found on Nottinghamshire police webiste under security advice and securing your shed.

Or if you wish to speak to our Crime Prevention Unit about protecting your property and reducing your chances of becoming a victim of crime, call 101 ext 800 3011 or email pre.crime@nottinghamshire.pnn.police.uk

Anti social behaviour

The Harworth Neighbourhood policign Team are continually gathering evidence in relation to tenancy issues in the area and are working closely with social landlords A1 housing and Notts Community Housing Association along with private landlords to support victims.

Throughout 2015 Nottinghamshire Police have assisted other agencies in several evictions taken place within the Harworth and Bircotes area.

I would like this opportunity to remind home owners and tenants that any property identified causing issues of anti social behaviour on a regular basis will have the tenancy looked at  with support of landlords, and if the evidence supports seek evictions.

Quad bikes off road bikes seized

We continue to receive an increase of incidents involving quad bikes and off road bikes that are being used in and around the area.  This is an on-going problem and we have been made aware that it is becoming increasingly difficult to walk through some of the wooded areas due to danger these vehicles present.  However Nottinghamshire Police as reported above have had some recent success in seizing off road quad bikes and arresting/prosecuting offenders.

Over the past 3 months Nottinghamshire Police, have seized a further 4 off road bikes 6 quad bikes and a 4x4 vehicle that were being used in the Harworth and Bircotes area, and also nearby villages in the East Bassetlaw area.  These vehicles were seized after they were identified involved in crime, illegal road use, driving on land and involved in poaching.

Some of these vehicles were also stolen vehicles recovered which were found stored in nearby woodland areas.  See it? Report it?

Once again we are urging anyone who has any information as to where the quads are being stored and/or who is riding them to report this either directly to us on the non emergency 101 telephone number.

Or if you prefer to report this anonymously you can ring Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Speed detection operations

The Neighbourhood Policing Team have continued to work with pupils and staff from the local schools on active speed detection in the area, where the team have carried out active speed detection dates with the local schools in November 2015.

The project is aimed at educating motorists however if circumstances meet the criteria prosecutions will also take place.  The project has already shown benefit to the area, between January 2015 and February 2016 approximately 3,000 vehicles have been monitored with around 17 warnings issued for motorists exceeding the speed limit.

This equates to around 0.6% of vehicles monitored were shown speeding in the area.  Some motorists have also attended the All Saints Academy in Harworth where the pupils have carried out a special  awareness presentation and completed survey questions with the motorists to educate them on the dangers of speeding.

The feedback from the pupils and motorists has been very positive in relation to these classroom presentations which focus on education and awareness of speed rather than prosecution.

Priority setting meeting

From the Priority Setting Meeting held on January 6th 2016 the three local priorities have been identified from feedback received from the community by the priority survey forms regarding issues of greatest concern and issues the public wanted the Safer Neighbourhood Team to tackle. 

The three local priorities have been identified as:

  1. Anti Social Behaviour
  2. Environmental Issues
  3. Speeding/Road Safety

The Next Priority Setting Meeting will be held on the 6th April 2016 at 2pm at the Harworth Town Hall.