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Lost and found property

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Following a national change across all UK police forces that came into effect on Monday, 1 October 2018, Nottinghamshire Police is no longer recording reports of lost property.

National changes across all UK forces came into effect on Friday, 1 February 2019, for found property.

Report property

We recommend that if your item has a serial number, you register with Immobilise, the free national property register. This will help police identify and reunite you with your property.

You can report property at a number of places online for example:

MyLostBox – this is a free service

Immobilise – also a free service

Report My Loss allows you to print a numbered ownership certificate, confirming the details of the lost item which can be given to insurance companies if you need to claim. There is a fee for this service.

To help you to find out how to report lost items to the right place, please see below.

Lost /found passport:

If you have lost/found a UK passport, you should report it as soon as possible to the passport office. They can be contacted on their advice line 0300 222 0000 between 8am and 8pm Monday to Friday and between 9am and 5.30pm on weekends and public holidays.

Or you can use the Gov.uk website to submit a report online.

If the item is a non-UK passport, this must be brought to the nearest police station front office.

For other lost identification documents such as birth certificates, the lost report should be made directly to the office that issued it.

Lost/found something hazardous or dangerous:

Items such as ammunition, firearms, weapons, chemicals, poison or toxins if lost/found must be reported to police immediately on 999.

Lost/found mobile phone:

If you find/lose a mobile phone please contact for advice on 101.

If you have lost a mobile phone, contact your service provider who may block your phone.

Lost/found medication or prescription drugs:

If you have lost any prescription drugs or medicines, contact your GP/medical practitioner. Re-trace your steps and make enquiries in the area where you think you may have lost them.

If you find any prescription drugs or medicines please take them to the nearest pharmacy who will dispose of them safely.

Lost/found debit, credit and store cards:

Follow the instructions on the back of the bank card or statement.

Any other official documents:

Any lost or found documents should be reported to the relevant issuing authority.


We recommend that you register and report the bike lost at BikeRegister


If you find needles in the street, your local council has a duty to remove these. Prior to contacting your council ensure that you do not touch the item, which includes placing them in a bin. You can find your local council's contact details on our Needles Page: https://www.nottinghamshire.police.uk/advice/drugs

Lost/found jewellery or other valuables:

We recommend that these items are registered together with an uploaded photo. If lost, report using one of the methods described above.

Something lost/found in a public place, premises or public transport:

If you think you have lost your property in any of the below places:

  • Licensed premises (pubs, bars, nightclubs)
  • Private premises (house, hotel, hostel)
  • Business premises (restaurants, shops, supermarkets, offices, entertainment venues)
  • Educational premises (schools, universities, colleges)
  • Public transport (trains, buses, trams)
  • Taxis (including Private Hire vehicles)
  • Airport

You should make direct contact as they often operate their own lost and found property service and are better placed to deal with your enquiry.

Lost/found driving licence:

If you lose/find a driving licence, contact the DVLA directly. Licences can be reported and replaced online through the DVLA website.

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101 is the number to call when you need to contact Nottinghamshire Police and it’s less urgent than a 999 call. Calls cost 15p, no matter how long the call lasts.