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Newark and Sherwood Police Priority: ASB.

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April 2020

For the last six months the Local Police Priority has been vehicle crime, due to concerns by the public raised through councillors, the Police and Crime Commissioners survey and crime figures.   On 23rd March 2020 the UK was put on a Government ‘lockdown’ due to the Coronavirus pandemic, and this has had a significant impact on crime, mainly a reduction. I have reviewed the information available to me which shows, that for Newark and Sherwood; violence against the person, burglary, robbery, theft and criminal damage recorded crimes have all reduced significantly. Our previous priority, vehicle crime is also down; Current month compared with previous month this year -73.5%Current month compared with same month last year -50%Last two weeks -47.6%Year to date -50% (year starts at 01/04/20)  ASB is the only area that is showing an increase at +111.4% YTD and +103.5% in the last two weeks. The vast majority of this relates to the public reporting Covid-19 breach related ASB. Within there, there is a significant trend of concern around off road motorbikes and quads. A review into this has shown that Newark Town Centre, Hawtonville estate and surrounding rural area, and Balderton and Fernwood and surrounding rural area, between the dates of 09/03/2020 and 06/04/2020 had 63 reports of ASB involving off road bikes and quads, with 58% of callers stated this was a regular issue.  The Police and Crime Commissions Survey was undertaken before the lockdown, but indicated Reckless and dangerous driving was of highest concern to those surveyed.  The majority of concerns raised by the public through their local councillors has been about people breaching the Covid-19 regulations.  In light of all of the above information, and the current circumstances around Covid-19 it does not seem sensible to continue to make the priority auto crime. Once the lockdown measures are extensively released we may move back to a focus on auto crime, but at this time the clear main concern from the public is around ASB. I see the ASB in two parts, concerns around people breaching Covid-19 restrictions and concerns around off road motorbikes. Our policing priority over the next three months will be to focus on that, with the caveat that this will be reviewed before that time if there is a significant change (such as the covid-19 restrictions being released).   

June update: 

ASB continues to be of most concern to our communities as we continue in the covid-19 health pandemic. For the next month, the priority will continue to be ASB.  We continue to see a reduction (Year to date) on all other reported crime types, excluding shoptheft, where we have seen an increase in the Newark area. The teams have put a plan together to target repeat offenders and work with the business who are repeat victims.

We have issues across many of our beauty spots and surrounding villages due to vast numbers of people visiting to enjoy the weather and the sites. I expect this will continue over the rest of the summer as people make the most of the British Countryside, unable to take their normal holidays. I have spoken with Newark and Sherwood District Council, who are looking at their waste collection provisions at these sites and making adjustments where needed. There have been instances of young people entering dangerous waters. The Parish Councils and County Councils are currently working together to share some water safety messaging. Last year we delivered an extensive multi-agency water safety package, with events and sessions delivered to young people and parents across the district. Drowning is the second leading cause of accidental death. It would be extremely beneficial if parents could take the time to remind their children (and young adults) about water safety. There are a few helpful pointers on this website https://kidshealth.org/en/parents/water-safety.html

Aside from littering and swimming in open waters, there are a few individuals who have made the choice to step away from enjoying our villages, and taken it as an opportunity to be abusive to others, harm wildlife and cause damage. Following on from such issues in Balderton I issued a dispersal order on Tuesday 2nd June. This gives PC’s and PCSO’s the power to direct a person to leave the area if the officer suspects they are likely to contribute to ASB. The police, NSDC CPO’s and County Council Youth workers are all working together to encourage young people to engage in positive behaviours. We do not want to issue dispersal orders, we understand the importance, especially for young people of being with their friends and enjoying the outdoors, but it has to be done respectfully and so others can enjoy the same space. I have only issued dispersal orders for Newark Town Centre and Balderton in the last year, however they are another step we could take in our other villages if the ASB escalates.

As we are unable to role out our summer youth diversion activities package with the council and partners this year, we are looking at other ways to keep young people occupied, whilst also being safe during coronavirus.

Nitrous oxide canisters have also been found in our villages, and whilst people will often say they aren’t illegal, as soon as one person passes a canister to another, they commit an offence. Again, there is a need and opportunity for parents, and young people themselves to educate yourself on the harms of Nitrous Oxide, and have positive conversations about it https://www.talktofrank.com/drug/nitrous-oxide.  The upshot is, people die from taking Nitrous Oxide.

July Update:

Nottinghamshire Police, Newark and Sherwood District Council
and Parish Councils have been working together to resolve various issue at our beauty
spot locations, caused by the easing of coronavirus lockdown measures, warm
weather, volume and behaviour of people attending the location. This is an
issue we have seen across the district and has a detrimental effect on the
residents and regular visitors. We understand the issues include littering,
inconsiderate parking, traffic congestion, poor social distancing, swimming in
the waters and anti-social behaviour. 

NSDC have increased the bin emptying and collection at
effected locations. Public hygiene is of the upmost importance in the current
climate, and arrangements have been made for the provision of public toilets
where possible to elevate those issues. However, we are aware some people still
feel that it is acceptable to urinate in public, which may amount to an offence
of disorderly behaviour. Council licensing and Police have visited open
licenced premise to ensure they are adhering to their licensing conditions. The
County Councils traffic enforcement officers have increased their patrols and
issued tickets, this will continue. 

Regarding dangerous swimming in the waters, we are currently
working with Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue to offer a water safety education
session on the bank side to visitors, the
council are also looking in increase the signage and we have made several
social media posts in a bid to educate those who use the areas. 

We have authorised and issues dispersal order to a number of
people in Balderton who were unable to enjoy the environment without causing ASB.
We do understand that it has been an extremely tough few months and people are
desperate to let their hair down and enjoy time with friends, however this is
not an excuse to cause ASB and upset other people who wish to enjoy the same space.
We can let our hair down, without being offensive.  

Neighbourhood officers have been, and will continue to
patrol the locations and deal with any ASB. I do hope that post July 4,
additional destinations will be available which may offer some respite for these

Newark and Sherwood Police Priority: Auto crime.

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January 2020

Police Priority- January 2020I have now held our second Local Priority Setting meeting with Newark and Sherwood District Council. We reviewed the reported crime stats, views raised through safer neighbourhoods groups and other community meetings and engagement platforms, issues raised by the Councillors on behalf of the public, NSDC views and information from the Police and Crime Commissioners Survey. We have agreed that the priority for the next three months should continue to be auto crime, again this includes fuel thefts on the A1 (and associated damage to farm crops), theft of tools from works vans, and then theft of and from motor vehicle.When we first set this as the priority back in October 2019 reported vehicle offenders were at +23.4% YTD, that figure is now at +17.4% YDT. We have undertaken hot spot patrolling around the Balderton and Fernwood area, both in high visibility and in plain clothes hoping to catch someone in the act, however it was fruitless. We have deployed multiple other covert tactics and plan to use them again in the coming months, hence not making a full disclosure! I have just been successful in asking for support from our force Roads Crime Team, who will bolster the numbers and skill set to help us with some of these operation. We have also undertaken visits to breakers yards in and around the area.

Please report any intelligence or information to Nottingham Police on  101 or via crime stoppers on 0800 555 111 https://crimestoppers-uk.org/ and have a look at hours crime prevention guides to make sure you are doing all you can to keep your property safe. https://www.nottinghamshire.police.uk/advice/prevention

March Update:

This months priority update was completed as part of a video blog and has been shared on our facebook social media pages. You don't need to sign up to facebook to view the video. Siply click the below link and scrole down to 9th March 2020. 


April update:

A new neighbourhood policing priority survey has been launched by the Force to encourage communities to shape local policing. This is part of the ‘what matters’ campaign. I will use the information gathered from these surveys in my Local Police Priority Setting Meetings, they will influence the three monthly priorities for Newark and Sherwood. The survey takes just a few minutes to complete and is available for members of the public to complete online at www.nottinghamshire.police.uk/whatmatters we will be adding the hashtag and link to our various communications. Our performance year runs from the 1st April and its always an opportunity to look at the crime figures year to date. Vehicle offences are up by 24.4% year to date, and that is exactly why this crime type is our priority.

Op Magna, our operation that runs on the A1 to tackle theft of fuel from HGV’s and the associated damage to farm land is now business as usual and we have dates planned in to run the operation each month.

In the last month we have made arrests for theft of motorbike, and a burglary where tools were stole, whilst not autocrime, we know that theft of tools from vehicle is an issues in our area, and therefore associated. 

We have produced an analytical product that has looked at the autocrime picture across our district over the six months, to help focus our attentions in the right places. Some highlights for you:Theft of tools from vehicle was the largest crime series, followed by fuel theft and number plate theftTheft from motor vehicle (rather than theft of, or TWOC) was the highest crime typeTransit Vans are the most common vehicles being targeted.

From this our beat team have developed an operational order, called Operation Optical, that will direct our police work to tackle this problem. The outbreak of coronavirus has greatly decreased the number of autocrime offences in the last two weeks, where there has been 18 less offences, it has also made it easier of officers to spot offenders out on the streets as there is such a reduction in footfall.Our work will continue into this priority.

Newark and Sherwood Police Priority: Auto crime.

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October 2019

Police Priority- October 2019I held my first Local Policing Priority Setting meeting this week with Newark and Sherwood District Council. The priority for the last year has been Operation Vow (drugs related acquisitive crime). This is now well established and has become daily business. A review has just been completed and the initial results look positive. I will share them once they have been consulted on. This felt like a good opportunity to move our focus to something else. After reviewing various sources of information we agreed that the new priority for the next three months should be autocrime- this includes fuel thefts on the A1 (and associated damage to farm crops), theft of tools from works vans, and then theft of and from motor vehicle. Vehicle offences are +23.4% YTD and it is having an impact across the whole of the district. This is an outlier as we continue to see crime reductions YTD in most other crime type areas. The next few weeks will see us putting a plan together about how we are going to tackle the different elements of this offence type, I will keep you updated as we go along.  November update:Our autocrine plans are underway, this has included various covert tactics, plain clothes patrols and crime prevention messaging to the public. Please head over to https://www.nottinghamshire.police.uk/advice/prevention for some helpful crime prevention guides on various types of vehicles. An operation to tackle vehicle crime and theft from motor vehicles on the A1, and subsequent damage to farmers crops took place between the 21st and 27th October which involved covert tactics and high visibility patrols of the laybys. This formed part of a national operation with our neighbouring forces that patrolled the A1 Corridor and the M1 motorway. As a result we saw a decline in offences. Theft of diesel on the A1 remains a significant issue and work with the Highway Agency continues with further operations planned. Decmber update: The figures for Auto crime, year to date are now at +14.5% . We can see that some of the activity already undertaken is starting to have a positive impact, when we compare auto crime offences in the last two weeks with the previous two week, they are -11.1%. We will continue to employ the tactics that appear to be having an impact: patrols, covert tactics and crime prevention messaging. Please report any intelligence or information to Nottingham Police on  101 or via crime stoppers on 0800 555 111 https://crimestoppers-uk.org/

Advice guide - Protecting your vehicle

Crime prevention advice to help avoid you becoming a victim of vehicle crime.