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Strategic Priorities - Bassetlaw: Worksop Town Centre ASB Reduction and Bassetlaw Wide Rural Community Issues

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May 2019

The Bassetlaw District Priorities are set after consultation
with our partners both in the Local Authority and with the communities

We are currently exploring new methods of gathering
information from our communities to better inform the setting of priorities
across the area from the traditional community meetings through to pop up
surgeries and social media.

Current issues and concerns are raised and reviewed at the
Community Safety Partnership Operations meeting and decisions taken as to the
Police response.

The priorities set in March remain current.

Worksop Town Centre ASB Reduction

The Anti-Social Behaviour prevalent in the Town Centre of
Worksop involving the use of alcohol and psychoactive substances is not unique
to this town, but has raised concerns of the retail sector, visitors to the
town, and the Community Safety Partnership within the Local Authority, and as a
result has become a priority for the Police and the Partnership to find
solutions to tackle the issues. This has included the assigning of an Officer
specifically to the Town Centre to maintain a constant focus and a regular
presence to reduce incidences and reports in the area as well as to provide
close liaison with the Community Safety Team.

Much work has been undertaken by the Worksop Neighbourhood
Policing Team in close partnership with the Local Authority and there has
been positive public feedback with regard to a visible reduction in offending.
This work continues as a priority both for the Police and the Local Authority
who have recently launched a Worksop Town Commission. 

Updates Apr - June 2019

After complaints from residents of Eastgate a warrant was
executed in partnership with Bassetlaw ASB team and the RSPCA. Martin SHAW was
arrested for Possession with Intent to Supply (PWITS) Class B Psychoactive
Substance (Mamba) and is Released Under Investigation (RUI). Also located at
the address was Gareth LARNER who was wanted for shop theft and failing to
appear at Court.

The team have been busy arresting: Jordan SHAW wanted for Fail
to Appear (FTA), Daniel MCUSKER FTA for assault, Dianna WOOD FTA, John RUSHTON
(received 18 weeks).

PCSO Ruth Dixon is investigating an organised fight amongst
a large group of young people together with the School Early Intervention
Officer to identify those involved.

Op Pleaser, a Night Time Economy operation targeting drugs
in the town centre licenced premises was a success. Police Dog Dash identified
a 16 year male who was searched and found in possession of drugs and arrested
for PWITS and possession of an offensive weapon. He has been RUI. Michael
MILTHORPE was also indicated on by PD Dash. He was searched and found in
possession of a lock knife and wire cutters arrested for possession of
offensive weapon and going equipped. He has been charged and remains in custody
pending a trial. The feedback from local licensees was positive and we continue
to work with the local establishments so members of the public can enjoy a
night out in a safe town centre

A Warrant was executed at 101b Watson Road on 8th April, and
Colin MATTEY and Givanni BEARDER both admitted possession of mamba and were reported
for summons to attend Court.

Jordan SHAW was arrested for shoplifting, and a successful
application made for a Criminal Behaviour Order (CBO) which prevents him from
entering any retail premise in Worksop Town Centre and prevents him from
setting foot on Bridge Street, Bridge Place and the Victoria Retail Park.

Anthony Ellis has been interviewed for his aggressive
begging in the Town Centre. He has been reported for summons and an application
for an order upon conviction will be made when the court date is set for a CBO
to prevent him from entering the Town Centre and from begging.

Leon Whitehead was arrested by the Team on the 04/05/19 for
8 shop thefts, he was charged and remanded.

A large scale cannabis grow (282 Plants) found 14/05/2019 on
Ryton Street in Worksop. No-one was found at the premises but we have some
forensic opportunities to explore, and the cannabis dismantling team came to
assist. A CBO was issued on the 11th of April 2019 for Jordan Shaw
for a period of 2 and half years

PCSO Ruth Dixon has applied for a CBO on Anthony ELLIS, he
was due in court for begging and is currently wanted for FTA.

Over the last couple of weeks we have been working hard to
tackle the homeless people who are sleeping at the Gatehouse on the priory
church. Several people have been identified and we are working with the council
to issue CPW’s and using powers of arrest when applicable to deter the
offenders from using the area.

PC Glenn Turner is setting up pop up surgeries at the priory
church and we are in talks with the church to put in more long term measures to
protect the memorial.

Anthony Ellis failed to attend court yesterday (29th May)
and a warrant has been issued for his arrest. We expect him to be before the
court by the weekend.

There is some funding available to tackle knife crime. A
night time economy operation is going to be organised and other operations are
in the pipeline but are still in the very early phases. 

District Wide Rural Community Issues

The extensive rural areas of North Nottinghamshire from The
Dukeries adjacent to Worksop to the flood plains beyond Gringley on the Hill
and toward the borders with Humberside and South Yorkshire provide large open
expanses for the commission of crime, and our partners within those rural
communities from the National Farmers Union, the landowners and estate managers
through to wildlife officers and the National Trust all regularly contribute
information and intelligence to provide focus in this area.

The Bassetlaw Neighbourhood Policing Team have all continued
their focus on rural community issues, and there have been warrants executed on
addresses associated with poaching in East Bassetlaw, and offenders availed of
the Court process. West Bassetlaw Teams have concentrated on the estates where
the incursion of off road vehicles has continued. There remains much to be done
to provide a quality service to our rural communities and for that reason this
remains a priority for Bassetlaw.

Updates Apr-June 2019

There was an operation run on Friday the 19th of April by
East Bassetlaw officers looking to detect and prevent rural crime including the
recent disturbances of Badger sets on our area of the county. During this 4
persons were stopped in possession of a controlled drug and dealt with for this
offence. Numerous stop checks of suspicious vehicles were also carried out.
Officers conducted high visibility patrols throughout the course of the weekend
leading into a further operation on Sunday the 21st of April.

Retford officers deployed in an operation around Crookford
Waters, Elkesley on Sunday the 21st of April, this operation was designed to
capture and indeed deter persons in this area who were using off road vehicles
and damaging the area. Vehicles were stopped as a result of this and engaged
with in a positive manner which deterred off road type vehicles causing
disturbance over the course of the weekend. Officers were able to engage with
landowners and local farmers during the operation building bridges locally.
This was also put out across our social media platform for those who did not
have the opportunity to engage with us on the day.

PC Martin, Thomas, Fellows and Mitchell have been out in the
evenings and on weekends with the force quad bike patrolling the rural areas in
relation to nuisance motorbikes, poaching and theft. Whilst on the
operation officers stopped and seized a suspected stolen quad bike, enquiries
are on-going at this time.

Pc Fellows has been involved in arresting three males after
they were discovered interfering with a badger set around the Beckingham
area. Indeed whilst not on duty at the time PC Fellows answered the call
by a local land owner, recalled himself to duty to assist in detaining and
arresting the involved males. The RSCPA are leading a joint investigation
into this matter with the Police, two dogs were also seized after landowner,
rural wildlife officer, response officers, and colleagues from Lincolnshire
Police and a helicopter were used to detain the suspects.

Pc Fellows stopped a suspicious vehicle in the Ranskill area
where he subsequently seized a Quad Bike from the back of the vehicle, which
was believed to be stolen. Enquiries are on-going. 

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