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City North Priorities - January 2020 to March 2020

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January 2020

Criminal damage/ASB

Our first priority starting January in the City North area is Criminal damage.

Our second priority is Antisocial behaviour (ASB).

These priorities have been locally identified through the Crime and Drugs Partnership respect survey along with the beat team itself in consultation with partner agencies. 

Criminal damage and ASB is an on-going concern particular with a recent spike in some areas that is affecting our community whilst going about their business.

The Prevention of Crime and ASB is a priority set out by the Office of Police and Crime Commissioner as well as the Youth Commission Priorities to seek rehabilitation against re-offending.

This is what the City North beat team including Community protection will be doing to help tackle spikes in Criminal damage and ASB:-

• Target hotspot areas.

• Encouraging reports from the public.

• Work closely with partner agencies. 

• Build intelligence pictures to identify potential offenders and offer diversions.

• Discuss tactics and give updates in joint agency meetings.

• Continue to deliver programmes in educational establishments and other vulnerable premises.

• Use social media to give you timely updates. 

• Swiftly Process offenders and use both police and civil powers to hinder future activity including housing.

Januarys Update

Since the introduction of the new priority for City North of reducing Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB)The good news is that overall there has been a -15% reduction ASB from 140 incidents to 119.Bestwood (+6%), Sherwood (-26%), Bulwell Forest (-62%) and Bulwell (+10%)

There hasn't been any particular hotspots apart from Bulwell. Most of the ASB has occurred around Bulwell Tesco Extra which mainly involved youth’s congregating at Tesco and cars causing nuisance in around the car park. 

  • The beat teams took action by patrolling the areas at the times the ASB was occurring.
  • We worked closely with a school behavioural specialist to identify the young people and they were reminded that they were representative of their schools and it could lead to exclusions and other punishments.
  • Other youths that where linked to ASB had home visits by the police and other partner agencies that such behaviour would not be tolerated and could lead to tenancy action if the parents did not help to curb the ASB.
  • We informed vehicle owners causing ASB of the powers of section 59 notices (the vehicle can be confiscated). Thankfully this had the desired effect.
  • We are working closely with Community Protection Officers and a number of fines have already been issued re littering.
  • We worked with the council and cameras have been installed near Rufford Walk to reduce ASB, two cameras have been placed near Blenheim Industrial to reduce ASB. 

Criminal damage

  • Extra patrols have taken place in all identified hotspot areas.
  • Persons who were suspected to be involved have had home visits.
  • We will continue to monitor any further incidents and work with our partners to ensure we deal with mindless vandalism in a timely manner.

Please note the link below to help direct you to the relevant department quickly should you be suffering antisocial behaviour.

We encourage people to report ASB by calling 101, council 01159152020 or via the council website http://www.nottinghamcity.gov.uk/reportantisocial

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