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Priorities for

City North Strategic Priority - Violence

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July 2019

Our priority for City North over the next 3 months is to tackle the amount of violence there is in the area.

This priority has been locally identified through the Crime and Drugs Partnership respect survey along with the beat team itself as one that is having a detrimental effect on local youths and their family and friends.

The Prevention of Crime and ASB is a priority set out by the Office of Police and Crime Commissioner as well as the Youth Commission Priorities to seek rehabilitation against re-offending.

This is what the City North beat team including Community protection will be doing to tackle Violence alongside partner agencies:-

•    Patrol most problematic areas.

•    Encouraging reports from the public.

•    Deal quickly and efficiently with suspects.

•    Conduct searches of open spaces for secreted weapons.

•    Work closely with partner agencies to provide youth provision.

•    CCTV cameras to be moved to most problematic areas when available.

Update August

Day of action at Nottingham Prison in July, resulted in 1 arrest and 2 x drug seizures. Joint agency working sends a clear message out that we will make it as difficult as possible to allow illegal items to be smuggled into prison to help reduce the violence that this then causes.

Proactive patrols of open spaces throughout City North deterring violence whilst also searching for any hidden knives. 1 person arrested. 1 stop search, 2 knives found and disposed of.

I am working closely with Street games to help provide better provisions for youths to divert them away from violence. We are currently still in the consultation period but hope to have activities up and running as soon as possible.

Update September 

We conducted 4 joint agency Operations at Nottingham prison during August where we worked closely with prison staff in order to make the prison environment a safer place for all.  

This has had the following fantastic results:- 

1 arrest 

2 Knives seized

1 offensive weapon seized

3 Drugs seizures 

2 Cannabis warnings issued. 

5 Vehicles seized

4 Traffic offence reports issued

2 x Visitors turned away

We have conducted several Neighbourhood team initiatives which has involved:-

Visiting known knife crime carriers in order to divert them away from previous habits by informing them of the actual dangers knife carrying can result in and busting myths that knives keep you safe when in reality they do the exact opposite. 

Conducting stop and search when grounds allow.

Patrolling any high risk areas. 

which has resulted in:-

2 arrests

1 Report for Summons

10 Traffic offence reports

1 Vehicle seized

1 cannabis warning

1 weapon recovered

Throughout the whole of August we have had a lot of presence in city North from the knife crime team who have been crossing borders in to neighbouring areas achieving some great results removing a significant amount of knives from our streets along with person and vehicle checks resulting in drugs and vehicles being seized, arrests being made and a significant amount of offenders being reported for summons. 

Due to the above I am pleased to say that knife crime has reduced in city north.

More youth provisions, help spread the word

We now have a Kicks program in Bulwell and Top Valley which some of you may have heard of.

These are free weekly football sessions for boys and girls 11 - 18 year old and 8 - 13yrs hosted at:- 

Bulwell Riverside NG6 8QJ every Wednesday evening between 7- 9pm, ages 11 - 18yrs.

Southglade Leisure centre NG5 5GU every Monday evening between 6-8pm, 11- 18yr.s 

The Ridge Adventure Playground NG5 9BX every Monday evening 4 - 5.30, for ages 8 - 13yrs.