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Inspector Donna Lawton's blog: August 2017 - Clifton and The Meadows

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Inspector Donna Lawton brings you her blog for August 2017, covering her team's work in the Clifton and Meadows area.

Hi everyone,

This is my first blog as your Inspector so please be gentle! I have picked a few things to update you all on but if you want to know anything in particular please contact me:

PDSA community events

Saturday 22 July 2017 saw a joint community event at Clifton Police station with the PDSA and Cats Protection League. We ran the same event on Saturday 29 July 2017 at Welbeck Walk on Queens Walk in the Meadows.

Both days saw a number of people arrive with their dogs for free health checks and crime prevention advice and materials given out by my beat team.

It was great to meet so many people and see so many happy dogs! It was an ideal opportunity to talk through concerns and issues that residents are worried about and alleviate them.


We have done two full days of plain clothes work in the Meadows where we have arrested a number of people for drugs possession.

The beat team and I are committed to dealing with this issue that I know concerns you all. We are working closely with other beat teams so it will not be clear who the police officers are that are in your area during these operations for obvious reasons!

We will continue executing warrants in addresses that we believe are involved in drugs and other criminality in the area and we work closely with our partner agencies to ensure that tenancies are reviewed of individuals committing crime within the area.


I am aware of the concerns about police visibility. Please be assured we are out and about.

As we are sometimes in plain clothes it may not be obvious who we are but this is done deliberately to catch people, our yellow coats do not help sometimes!

Our Clifton PCSOs recently caught someone who has been charged and remanded for a burglary within the area. He was on his way home from work and was suspicious of the individual and rang his colleagues who immediately came to him, which shows the team never switches off.

Summer security tips

As the warm weather arrives please be careful with your home and car security. Even if you are home make sure you move keys, purses and bags from near open doors and windows.

Please lock your cars up and do not leave windows and sunroofs open and definitely move valuables out of your cars. We are still finding cars open with purses and valuables on show.

If you are away on holiday, please consider:

  • Asking a trusted neighbour to keep a close eye on your home whilst you are away – could they occasionally clear any mail and park a car on your drive?
  • Use plug-in timers on lights and a radio, television for use in the evening
  • If you have a burglar alarm make sure that you use it

Please feel free to contact the beat team or myself with any concerns you may have. You contact find our contact details on the links to the Clifton and Meadows neighbourhood pages listed below.