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Inspector Christine Busuttil blog: August 2017

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The beat team and I had a lovely visit to the 5 ways cultural centre on their open day where all were welcome to browse the large selection of stalls and indulge on Asian cuisine whilst the young children played on the outdoor bouncy castle in the rear garden.

Dr Mughal one of the proprietors was very welcoming showing me around the whole building and explaining the different functions that the community centre is used for and how this helps to improve the quality of life for many who attend.

I was also really pleased and honoured to be involved in the Spirit of Sherwood awards 2017, this is the 3rd year it has been hosted and is a great way of bringing the community together and giving me the opportunity to meet proprietors ‘of local businesses within the Sherwood area. 

A new ‘Good neighbour award’ was introduced which I was invited to judge along with Mercury Communications who have contributed greatly to Neighbourhood watch in the area over the last 5 years.

If you wish to be part of the spirit of Sherwood awards or a local neighbourhood watch in Sherwood or Carrington please make contact using the contact Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/1565008140378933/

Local policing

The neighbourhood policing team are currently concentrating on Antisocial behaviour in the Beckhampton road and Edwards lane areas in the evenings where patrols have been increased to help detect and deter further
offences, positive action will be taken against any persons suspected of committing any offences.

We will also be patrolling open spaces throughout the school holidays such as Bulwell bogs, Southglade and Sherwood shopping area in order to help keep you safe and be accessible to you during the summer break.

Please look out for us throughout the summer break and feel free to approach us and discuss any concerns you may have or just for a general chit chat about what is happening in the area.

Crime trends and prevention

Anti-social behaviour is down by 207 incidents leading to a 18.7% reduction which is great news, I am also pleased to say that Robberies are down by 5 offences leading to a 16.7% reduction.

We are aware that nuisance bikes are a concern to our residents and my team are always on the look out and have seized a considerable amount of bikes already.

We will continue to tackle this problem using the off road bike team and the CCTV van.

Helping the community

We will be present at the litter picking and weeding session at Crabtree Precinct where any volunteers are welcome to help joint agencies and local business work together to help improve the look of the precinct and surrounding areas.

This will take place between 11am – 3pm on Monday 21st August please see our Facebook page for more details.

Good news

In July 4 suspects were caught and arrested for the residential house burglaries in Sherwood and Carrington and between them have been linked to 15 offences.

The investigation is on-going and has resulted in no further reported residential burglaries in the area.

For regular updates with what is happening in the City North area please like our face book pages as per below links.