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Inspector Donna Lawton's blog: September 2017 - Clifton and The Meadows

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I have decided as the Inspector for St Anns/Sneinton and
Clifton and the Meadows to write two separate blogs each month to see how it
goes. There will be one for Sneinton and St Anns and one for Clifton and the
. I think this will ensure you are updated with information you think is
relevant. If you are interested in the other areas please feel free to read

I am aware of concerns about the drug taking/using/dealing
within the Bridgeway Centre. We have run a number of operations within the area
with my team and I in plain clothes. Each time we have arrested persons and
they have been suitably dealt with. I know there are conversations amongst some
of you that you can spot the police officers when they are there without their
uniforms, trust me you cannot. There have been many occasions when we have been
out and no one has recognised us and have actually complained we are not
patrolling when we were in the Bridgeway itself. Please be assured not seeing
in officers in uniform does not mean that we are not there. Plain clothes work
is vital in catching people so the very difficult balance of the visibility of officers and the ability to get
up close and catch people in the act is always a difficult balance. These
operations will continue both in our uniforms and in plain clothes.

You will have noticed I am sure a number of warrants being
executed across the area the majority of which are under the Misuse of Drugs
Act. Please be reassured that I take the decision seriously when I authorise
this to be done. It is vital we tackle drug dealing and taking and I would ask
if you have any information at all of those involved with illegal drugs that
you speak with us either in person, by ringing 101 or by using Crime stoppers
anonymously. I want everyone to feel safe and secure in our community and
illegal drugs have no place within it. A number of arrests have been made and
warrants will continue to be a part of the tactics we use to deal with this

The 2nd September 2017 saw the British Triathlon
mixed relay cup occur on the Trent Embankment. The day was a huge success and
the photos attached show some very happy faces indeed. The event saw athletes
from all over the world descend upon the Meadows and the weather certainly
helped the event!

I would like to welcome Jake Cordon. Jake will join our
Meadows beat team as a PCSO imminently and makes a welcome addition to our

Clifton saw the successful conviction of Robert and Roy
Sisson from the area for handling stolen goods having been found in possession
of stolen goods from a burglary. Both received 13 months in prison. This
stemmed from the off duty work of one of the Clifton PCSO’s Nathan Heron and
those PCSO’s on duty Anthony Parker and Matt Holden along with response
officers. It just shows the team are still committed whilst driving home!

The recruitment process is now open for Police Officers and
closes on 22nd September 2017. I would encourage anyone who wants to
make a difference to the community and who care about people to apply. I have
been a part of Nottinghamshire Police for over 22 years and everyday provides
challenges but it gives you a real opportunity to try and make the area you are
based a little bit better for everyone. 
My officers work incredibly hard every day and I would genuinely ask you
to support them. They are trying to make the area a better place but we need
you to help us do this. You will never know the difference it makes when you
are in your uniform and someone stops to say hello first.

See you soon hopefully