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Inspector Andy Townsend's blog: September 2017

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August has been an interesting month for the neighbourhood team on the Arboretum ward:

Activity in August

Patrols have focused on the parks in the area following the report of an assault on the Arboretum Park. Those involved were described and, following enquiries, it was found that a group of people all known to each other had fallen out and scuffled. This matter has now been dealt with.

Drug dealing on the Forest

Patrols found and dealt with a man in possession of class A drugs in the Rock cemetery.

Antisocial behaviour on Kirkstead Park

There have been discussions between the neighbourhood team and the City Council about issues on this park and how to deal with them sensitively. It is a busy park and thoroughfare that is important to the many communities that use it. These discussions are ongoing.

We continue to work alongside partners from Trading Standards tackling the trade in illegal cigarettes in this area.

Students return to our city

As the new student term starts very soon, we want you to know that we work closely with Community Protection and take seriously any reports of noise nuisance reported to us via 101.

We bear in mind that for many this is the first time they have lived away from home in a community setting but we work closely with the university authorities to get the message across that they need to take responsibility for their actions and need to think what effect they are having on their neighbours.

Recent events

We attended the Hyson Green Cultural Festival on 19 August on Forest Recreation Ground and Bridlington Park Family Fun Day. We had a great day at both, engaging with our community.

We were also at the Eid celebration and prayers on Forest Recreation Ground on 2 September.

Planned activity in September

Throughout September, we are continuing directed patrolling to combat specific issues such as burglary.

We will be running a targeted campaign using Smartwater in the Radford East area, prostitution concentrating on Addison Street, Baker Street and the area around the Girls High School and the antisocial behaviour caused by begging on the street around the Hyson Green market.

Nuisance premises

I am also taking proceedings against a number of properties that are referred to as nuisance premises in the Anti-Social Behaviour Crime and Policing Act 2014 or ‘Crack houses’ before that Act, but I am still interested to find more and to close them down.

If you think there is a premises or property that is causing a serious nuisance in your area or operating as a ‘Crack house’ or unlicensed brothel near you, please call 101 to report the issue or ring Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 and report them anonymously.

Goose Fair

Preparation for Goose Fair is well in hand and as this is the 723rd occasion, we hope to be part of an entertaining event for the whole family.

Community events

The Arboretum team still attend meetings to make better links with new groups such as our Roma community and also any of the more established groups / communities or tenants associations that represent the many varied communities that make up the Arboretum Ward.

Keep up-to-date with your neighbourhood policing team

Please keep up-to-date with information and crime appeals by following your local policing team on the following social media sites: