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Inspector Christine Busuttil blog: October 2017

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The week of action was a great success in September with
police presence at many activities throughout the week, pictured here with Cllr

The next larger event we will be present at is Goose fair
where we will be patrolling the area to help keep you safe, please use public
transport where possible to attend but if you do need to use your vehicle
ensure there are no valuables on display.

If you are taking young children put your mobile phone
number in their pocket in case they get lost this will enable us to reunite you
much faster causing less distress to all involved.

Crime trends and prevention.

I am pleased to announce that City North is showing a
reduction in personal robberies of 15 offences compared to last year and a
reduction of 17 offences of theft from person which tended to be gadgets such
as phones and tablets being left briefly unattended and then being stolen by a
nearby opportunist.

We are still suffering commercial burglaries in the Sherwood
area however they have slowed down considerably and the Neighbourhood policing
team have visited various locations offering crime prevention advice.

If you wish to have a crime prevention visit from the local
police team please call 101 or use the police website to contact your local
team direct.


During September we actioned 4 drug warrants in the Bulwell
and Top Valley areas, 3 of which had positive outcomes, this is as a direct
result of information received from the public giving us vital intelligence so
please continue to do so by either calling us on 101 or contacting crime
stoppers using the link below


We have Halloween at the end of the month please respects
the wishes of residents who do not wish to open doors and ensure that you are
in the company of others and adults where applicable.

Good news

A stolen motorcycle was recovered after being dumped in a
bush and returned to the owner before it could be used to cause nuisance in the

2 speed awareness operations have been conducted outside 2
schools in the Sherwood area as the children return to school.

Quite a few untaxed cars have also been seized thanks to the
vigilance of the local beat team, further details on the Sherwood Facebook

2 prolific shoplifters have been charged and sentenced.

We are soon to be joined by 2 new PCSOs who are currently
being trained but will arrive at their respective stations for tutoring from
the 2nd Oct.