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I'm pleased to say we have started to see a number of new
recruits joining us at Mansfield over recent weeks. We already have a number of
new PCSOs and later this month we have five more Police Constables joining us
at the Mansfield Hub.  I am placing the new officers back into communities
and they will be asked to listen to local community concerns and put in
place plans to resolve the issues.  It is also really important we
let you know what we have done so please keep an eye on our Facebook and
Twitter updates.

Yesterday for example (Friday 11th May), we conducted a
Fatal 4 Operation on New Mill Lane, Mansfield Woodhouse as a direct result
of community concerns about speeding vehicles and representations
from Councillor Wright.  A number of motorists were stopped for
a variety of offences and we also seized a car that didn’t have any insurance.

A key priority for us at the moment is street
drinking and 'mamba/spice' use in Mansfield Town Centre.  The
town centre has grown over recent years into a great place to visit but we
started to receive complaints about street drinking, mamba users and offensive
language.  This behaviour was making some families feel uncomfortable and
we knew we needed to act.  Mamba is a synthetic form of cannabis which is
incredibly dangerous and causes users to fall into what is often described
as a 'zombie' type state.

Members of the public often call for an ambulance
when they see users in such a state which places the already stretched NHS
services under even more pressure.  The use of this drug is a
criminal offence and we have made a number of arrests in the past
month.  Once a person is arrested they are often placed on a drug
treatment order which assists them in coming off the drug.

People who are walking around drinking alcohol in
the town have also had their alcohol confiscated and in some cases where
advice is ignored, fixed penalty notices for £100 have been issued.  In
Partnership with the Mansfield District Council Neighbourhood Wardens we have
issued 50 what we call ' directions to leave' the town centre since the
beginning of April where perpetrators have acted in an abusive or anti
social manner.

Most people we speak to listen to our advice but in the
case of persistent perpetrators of anti social behaviour we are
applying for Criminal Behaviour Orders banning them from the
town centre and local parks.  We need to protect the people of
Mansfield make the town centre and parks places where everyone feels happy to
visit and any intimidating, abusive or anti social behaviour will not be
tolerated.  I have been at the Mansfield & Ashfield Neighbourhood
Watch (NHW) Annual General Meeting this morning discussing how we advance
and grow NHW in the area and when I returned to the office I was made aware
officers had arrested another anti social behaviour offender in the town centre
for breaching an order prohibiting them from entering the area.

I am also pleased to say that two of our new Police
Officer recruits will be bolstering the numbers in the town centre and I have
just recruited a new Police Sergeant, Paul Peatfield who will lead the

Last week I was at a public meeting in Warsop with Mr.
Paddy Tipping the Police and Crime Commissioner where we discussed local
issues.  We heard about anti-social
behaviour in certain locations and I am pleased to say this weekend we have a
team in the area focusing on these hotspots raised. 
I was also able to announce that one of our new recruits will be trained
in Warsop and will remain there as the local beat manager along with a number
of other dedicated officers and Neighbourhood Wardens.

I have been speaking with teachers and working through
plans to base Police Officers back in heart of schools on a regular basis where
they can offer advice and deal with issues. 
I believe these strong links are essential in building trust in the

Finally, if you have any information about drug dealing
or people you suspect are selling stolen property please call Crimestoppers on
0800 555 111.