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Hi Everyone,

Operation Guardian is now
fully embedded and a regular feature to tackle City Centre violence.

On 21st July the
City Centre Neighbourhood Policing team worked alongside the passive drugs dog
and colleagues from across the force to target those coming into our City
Centre to indulge in illegal activity by being in possession of Class A drugs.

The evening’s activity
resulted in three arrests, two persons reported for summons and one issued with
a caution. This operation not only takes drug users / dealers off the streets
but also reassures members of the public.

Whilst working the operation,
I talked to many people in the city centre, and they were really positive about
seeing a strong police presence and felt safe and reassured in the knowledge that
the police are engaged in proactive operations to keep people safe.

In my June update I referred
to Anti-Social Behaviour around the St Peters square area. My team are
continuing to provide focus to this issue with early morning high visibility
patrols, making best use of dispersal powers and working in partnership with
Community Protection to tackle this issue. This is ongoing and I will keep you
posted on our progress.

A memorable England World
Cup campaign with the team reaching the Semi Finals saw many fans descending
upon the city centre to enjoy and celebrate after every hard earned victory.
Whilst the majority of fans celebrated their national pride lawfully, a small
minority decided to use this opportunity to display unacceptable and criminal
behaviour, in particular I’m referring to the damage caused to the taxi after
the quarter final game. I would like to reassure everyone that we do not tolerate
such behaviour and a thorough investigation into this matter is ongoing. Whilst
we are still seeking the identity of two suspects, those identified have been questioned.
 I am confident that it won’t be before
long that the two outstanding suspects will also be identified.

sure most of you will be aware of the tragic death of Mariam Mustafa who was assaulted at a bus-stop in
Nottingham city centre on 20 February 2018. Mariam died in hospital on 14 March

On 25th July; Chief Superintendent
Rob Griffin along with the Family Liaison Officer flew to Egypt to update
Mariam’s family on the status of the investigation.  Nottinghamshire Police are absolutely committed
to see justice is done.
During the investigation we have meticulously gathered all of the
available evidence and have been especially mindful throughout to thoroughly
explore the perception that this attack may have been motivated by hate.

We have now provided the Crown Prosecution Service
with all of that evidence, so that they can now consider it and reach a
decision over the next steps in the case.

A 17-year-old girl was arrested on suspicion of GBH.
She remains on conditional bail.

As always, if you have any comment,
please email me at anwaar.ahmed@nottinghamshire.pnn.police.uk

until next month…take care.