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Inspector Christine Busuttil blog: August 2018

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Crime prevention

Be aware throughout the summer that leaving windows and doors unlooked whilst rooms are unattended makes you more vulnerable to crime and the opportunist burglar so remember lock your front door when you get home and ensure that windows are secure in rooms that are not being used.

We are also seeing an increase in theft from motor vehicles so ensure that your vehicle is locked and secure without valuables left on display and where possible removed from the vehicle completely.

Good news

Bobby Lunt one of our prolific shop lifters from the Bulwell area has been locked up for 30 months following a string of offences, inc. commercial burglary and possession of a bladed article.

2 suspects were arrested for robbery after stealing an IPad from a shop on Mansfield road, both are released under investigation however one was wanted for recall and has been returned to prison.

Boulders have now been placed near to the entrance of Bulwell Hall Park to deter further encampments throughout the summer holidays.

2 suspects from the Bulwell area have been arrested on suspicion of committing burglaries in the Basford and Derbys areas.

Further charges have been brought against a prolific arsonist in the Bestwood area, so far most fires have been small and almost immediately extinguished by the offender themselves so fortunately no risk to the public however the fire service is giving the below warning out in a bid to educate families against the risk of fire starting particularly in such extreme weather conditions. 

Do you know what your kids will be getting up to this summer?

With the school holidays upon us, if you’re a parent, teacher, coach or other influential person in a young person’s life, you can help us to spread our message that fires are simply not fun.

Station Manager for Prevention, Paul Gair, said: “This summer has certainly seen prolonged periods of high temperatures, and you will only have to look out of your window to see how dry the ground and grass has become. “This means that fires can happen more easily and spread rapidly, with the increase in grass fires we have seen recently, it’s more important than ever that people of all ages take note of our advice and help us to protect our grassland and woodland areas for all of us to enjoy during the summer holidays.

•    Don’t drop cigarettes, dispose of them properly.

•    Take your rubbish home or put in a nearby bin

•    Don’t leave glass bottles lying on the ground. Sunlight shining through can start a grass fire

•    Avoid using open fires in the countryside

•    Keep matches and lighters out of the reach of children and talk to them about the dangers of starting fires outside

•    Don’t attempt to tackle fires. Leave the area as soon as possible and call 999.


The city North beat team will be at various events over the summer holidays so feel free to approach us for either a casual conversation or to discuss any local issues you may have.

PCSO Laura Cooper has visited Seely Primary school to do talks on Safer strangers and cyber bullying in a bid to help keep the children in our communities safe. 

We also attended Carrington festival on the 21st July at St Johns church on Mansfield road and distributed various crime prevention products along with crime prevention advice which were funded by the local councillors.

Most Neighbourhood staff were involved in the Pride events on the 28th July as seen in the picture attached which shows Community protection at the stand in Bulwell offering general advice and useful leaflets and freebies. 


4th August     11am-3pm        Duck race        Bulwell bogs

14th August    1pm–4pm     Family Fun Event     The Ridge Adventure Playground

Bulwell Forest Garden - Austin street, Bulwell   

6th August      1pm – 3pm – Green fingers club      games and crafts

13th August     1pm – 3pm – Teddy bears picnic      Den Building aimed at under 5s

20th August     1pm – 3pm – Green fingers club      games and crafts

22nd Sept     12pm– 3pm – Harvest festival          celebrating food growing – various activities.

For more info www.bulwellforestgarden.co.uk

5th September – PDSA event at Southgalde park – further details to be posted on Facebook once details confirmed.


PC Zoe Hughes has now been signed off on independent patrol so you will soon see her out and about on Bulwell ward, if you haven’t already met her feel free to say hello and stop for a chat as she is very keen to learn her new beat area and find out what the community want.

PC Andrea Gummer will move to her new role of School Liaison officer in September but I am pleased to say that she will remain on City North keeping all her knowledge and contacts in the area.  

She will be replaced by one of our newly recruited PCs Liam Porter or Matt Hirst both of whom are currently being tutored by the beat team based at Oxclose.