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I thought I would start with a thank you for all your
letters of support and appreciation for the work over the summer months.  The officers, PCSOs and support staff have
never had so much to do and the months of June, July and August where some of
the busiest on record.  Our own Chief
Constable has spoken about how busy Nottinghamshire officers are in comparison
to other forces within the Midlands and we have certainly felt this in

Many of our officers will have 20-30 complex investigations ‘on
the go’ at any time and each day they arrive at work they have to deal with the
spontaneous incidents and on-going problems within their communities too.  Despite this, we have seen some very positive
results with several burglars being locked up in Mansfield over recent
weeks.  This has resulted in a
significant drop in the overall burglary rate. 
This has been further assisted by the establishment of a Burglary Team
in Mansfield who are a group of highly trained officers specifically detailed
to catch burglars in the District.

We have been attending community meetings in a number of
areas in Mansfield.  Last night, Sgt
PRIESTLEY and PC WHITEHOUSE were speaking with Ladybrook Estate residents with
Ben BRADLEY MP.  This evening, SGT
PEATFIELD, our town centre Sergeant is meeting with local businesses to talk
about their challenges.  We have
bolstered the number of officers in the town centre in response to concerns of
anti social behaviour and we now have 6 dedicated Police Officers and soon to
be 6 dedicated PCSOs to make sure the improvements seen continue. 

We also have additional support workers in the town centre
who are making sure everyone gets the support they need to recover from alcohol
and substance misuse.  We have been using
powers called, “directions to leave” which allows Police Officers and Mansfield
District Council Neighbourhood Wardens to direct a person to leave the town
centre if they are causing anti social behaviour.  If the person returns they can be fined or
arrested if they will not listen to advice. 
I want to reassure you that if anyone asks for help my officers will
always go the extra mile to support the person. 
Sometimes we talk to people over days or even weeks, repeating the same
message and then one day they say they want help to turn their lives
around.  We all want to help and although
locking people up is a last resort the true success is when somebody turns
their life around, gets into work and comes off ‘drugs’.  

I have also received complaints about speeding vehicles in
Forest Town and other parts of Mansfield. 
Our Road Safety Team have now planned in activity around the sites
mentioned so you should see this taking place. 
We have also got a team of Special Constables who will be out this month
and next cracking down on speeding vehicles.

This summer we ran an operation with the Mansfield District
Council Neighbourhood Wardens to tackle anti social behaviour on our parks and
open spaces.  Last year we received
numerous complaints about under age drinking, litter, loud music and damage
which was linked to the summer holidays.  As a
result of the operation I am pleased to say we didn’t receive single complaint
and the young people really listened to the advice we offered in the schools
and when we saw them on the parks.  The young people
were a credit to Mansfield and it really helped us in being able to focus on
locking up the burglars and serious offenders. 
Linked to this, we are putting officers back into schools and our new Schools
Officer starts with us in the new term. 
On the next blog Ill introduce him and discuss his role in more detail.

Finally, we have been executing drugs warrants too and we
have had a number of successes in the area.  Please keep the information coming in.