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Hi Everyone,

As summer draws to a close
and hours of darkness increase, my continued priority is to make sure everyone
who lives, works and visits the City Centre is safe to enjoy the City Centre

So, as part of this drive, I
am pleased to announce that the City Centre Response teams have landed at Byron
House. This equates to over 40 officers based in the heart of the City Centre
responding to emergency calls from the public. This will allow for improved
response times with a shorter distance to travel and better visibility.

Byron House is truly an
integrated work place, a “one stop shop” where a number of services can be
accessed to improve service delivery to the public.

In recent weeks we’ve had a
number of good arrests and secured positive charging decisions for knife crime.
Unfortunately I am unable to go into further detail as investigations are
on-going. Knife crime in the City Centre will not be tolerated and all
incidents of knife crime will be thoroughly investigated.

The force wide knife amnesty
has yielded really good results with over 400 knives handed into the Police and
some were too large to even fit in the knife bins!!!

This is a real success story as we have taken knives out
of circulation that could otherwise fall into the wrong hands.

OP Guardian (reduction in violent crime initiative) has
again resulted in a number of arrests in the City Centre. This operation will
continue on a monthly basis in the City centre to reassure the local community
and deter those who frequent the City Centre with the intention of committing

Looking ahead, plans are in place for Halloween and
Christmas….yes Christmas!!!

We are working tirelessly to ensure enough officers are
on duty during the festive period so you can enjoy memorable occasions with
your families in a safe environment.

As always, if you have any comment,
please email me at anwaar.ahmed@nottinghamshire.pnn.police.uk

until next month…take care.