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Inspector Christine Busuttil blog:May 2019

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City North shows a decrease of 20 offences compared to the previous 2 weeks, which is pleasing news.

Victim based crime is down by 17 offences.

The robbery spike we previously saw has now reduced by 4 offences; investigations are still on-going.

We have a slight increase in dwelling burglaries with no particular pattern at this stage.

Main feature is insecure properties and 2 have had cars stolen by taking car keys as part of the burglary.  

Motor vehicle offences has shown neither an increase or decrease over the last 2 weeks but Vans have been targeted once again for tools.

Priorities over the last month:-•   

Sherwood vehicle crime– Team briefed on spike in autocrime and area patrolled by the neighbour team and response. Offences now reduced.•   

Bulwell – Robbery patrols around Brook close, Calder walk and Howick drive areas. No further issues.•   

St Matthews Vicarage – asb, damage with items being thrown into neighbouring school grounds.  The Neighbourhood team have been in constant contact  with the contracting company carrying out the work to help make the demolition of the church as trouble free as possible before progressing with work around the Vicarage. This will remain a priority with regular patrols by the beat team and response. •   

Reassurance patrols on Eversley walk after arson of car. No issues.

Extra resources

I put a successful bid in for the knife crime team to attend the city north area after a few incidents had involved knives or other similar weapons.

They were in the area for 3 days during April to help identify knife crime carriers and offer reassurance.

Do not be too alarmed at the above as most have been targeted attacks with low level injuries and the investigations remain with CID.

Below shows a brief overview of the excellent results achieved over the 3 days.


Arrest    1

Stop searches    11

Weapon seizures    1

Drugs seizures    5

Report for summons    4

Vehicle seizures    4

Positive action has been taken against 4 males identified as causing the recent issues around Clayfield close, Bulwell which resulted in damage and intimidation taking place, this has resulted in no further related incidents in the area.

I attended the Stephen Lawrence day at Bulwell Academy on Saturday 27th April which was a huge success with some hard hitting speeches.

One in particular where a mother talked through the last few hours of
her son’s life before he also became a victim of knife crime and the
horrendous and on-going impact that still has on her. 

A speech I certainly wasn’t expecting was from a very brave individual who is still living through the impact of her father having been the offender of a stabbing himself resulting in death and how this will now have a lifelong effect on her.

The vast affect this type of crime has on whole families and communities is incredible and lasts a lifetime.

The Stephen Lawrence Day is as a result of a lifetime of campaigning by his parents since his death and a need for the community to come together by integrating and helping to tackle the myth that a knife helps to protect when in fact it has totally the opposite effect.

This will be a yearly event and I would encourage all members of the community to attend in future particularly if you know someone who carries a knife or are thinking of carrying a knife yourself.  

The Pic attached is a prime example of how various agencies come
together to try and reduce knife crime and improve the quality of lives
within our communities.

Full staffing contact details on our Police website.