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Inspector Walker Blog - April

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Overall crime for April is lower than this time last year with less violence and robberies. Burglary has increased slightly in the Clifton and Mapperley areas but overall the figures remain quite good. The properties being targeted are generally garages and sheds.

Vehicle crime has also increased slightly but remains far below the numbers we saw before Christmas particularly in and around Clifton. The reduction is largely due to the main suspect being arrested and imprisoned at the end of January.

Over the Bank Holiday weekend two males received knife wounds following an incident outside the Premier Store in St Anns, although the males injuries were not life altering or life threatening this is obviously a significant incident which we are taking very seriously. Two arrests were made following the incident and additional resources were drafted into the area to reassure residents. An investigation is ongoing to identify those involved and the motivations behind the attack what it is clear is that the male was specifically targeted and it was not a random act. At this stage there is no known link to the tensions that we saw over last summer.

We are aware of the anti-social behaviour and drugs dealing taking place in the vicinity of Comyn Gardens and I have deployed officers specifically into that area including the knife crime team which I successfully bid for the last four weeks. Whilst I know further work is required we have had some success, and in the last two weeks there have been three arrests of those known to be involved two of whom were charged and are due to attend Court.

Following a large car meet on the Caste Marina retail park over 350 tickets were issued by Sainsburys to those present we hope this will go some way to prevent further meets in the area and the Meadows team continue to work with Sainsburys to explore options to prevent or persuade the meet to take place elsewhere.

The Neighbourhood Team executed a drugs warrant on Stanway Close this month. A quantity of mature cannabis plants were seized along with a lot of growing equipment. The owner of the house has been interviewed and has admitted the offence. The feedback from the community has been very positive. We have also investigated the burglary at the phone shop on Sneinton Dale which has led to the arrest, charge and remand of a local male. We still continue to try and identify the two other males involved. The Neighbourhood Team have also been very involved in trying to solve some long running neighbour disputes across the area, by using all the links with a variety of agencies that we have at our disposal.   

The Clifton area has seen an increase in burglaries of shed and garages.  The Clifton NPT are revisiting all reported offences and conducting CCTV scoping and house to House enquires. Officers have changed shift to evening to try and identify those committing these crimes.

The persistent beggar who begs around the restaurants on the A453 breaching his Criminal Behaviour order. He has been to court again and been given another longer suspended sentence. He will remain a focus for the team under ‘Op Classifier’. This male is currently wanted by Police for a breach of his order.

The anti-social behaviour by groups of youths on the Tram (NET) and Bus (NCT) network in and around Clifton has now calmed down following an operation on the Trams took place on Tuesday 2nd April. Around 300 passengers were checked and 26 issued warnings or fines for non- payment. A really good success and we will be running further planned operations with NET in the coming weeks.

We continue to work hard to tackle burglary offences in in the Mapperley area and  the male who was arrested and charged with offences on the 27th March before being bailed by the courts was arrested days after for additional offences elsewhere in the city. He has now been remanded into custody. I continue to push the use of Social Media with the teams to highlight the work we are doing to the public and raise our profile with our communities.