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Inspector Neil Bellamys Blog: January-February 2019

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As part of the drive by Nottinghamshire Police to improve
engagement with key stakeholders in our communities the decision was taken to
provide them with a fortnightly stakeholder update. That update will follow the
rhythm of the areas Police Operations Meetings where the Operational Priorities
for the next two weeks are identified and set.

The update reflects the activity that each area has seen
over the previous two week period. Those updates are pertinent to this Blog as
they often cover events within the area that would be of interest, and the
initial one that I sent introduced the stakeholders to the Sergeants on the
Team, and it seems sensible to do so here.

Sergeant Simon Whitehouse and his team cover the Northern
areas of Worksop from the borders of the Town Centre as far as Oldcotes and
Blyth as well as Derbyshire and South Yorkshire borders.

Sergeant Kate Long and her team cover Worksop Town Centre
and to the South including the St Anne’s, Water Meadows and Manton estates.
Rurally they cover Clumber Park, Welbeck and out as far as the Nottinghamshire
part of Nether Langwith. The team work together across all the area.

The eagle eyed amongst you will have noticed that
Sergeant Hewitt has been replaced by Sergeant Long as Jonathan has been
transferred to the custody department.

Sergeant Samantha Pearson and her team cover the whole of
East Bassetlaw from the Lincolnshire, Humberside and South Yorkshire borders to
those with Sherwood and Newark, and cover from the two locations of Harworth
and Retford.

My colleague and counterpart at Newark, Inspector Heather
Sutton, has included brief crime statistics in her Stakeholder Update, and I
will take her lead in this as I think they may be of interest to you.

While statistics can sometime be misleading there is no
escaping the moderate rise in crime numbers that Bassetlaw is currently
experiencing where the area has seen a 10% rise on the previous year, however,
there is good news with a 9% reduction in residential burglary and an 11%
reduction in Anti-Social Behaviour.

Some good news from last week is that a 27-year-old man
has been remanded in custody after appearing at Nottingham Magistrates' Court charged
with an aggravated burglary in Worksop. Andrew Houghton, of Howard Road,
Rotherham, will next appear at Nottingham Crown Court on 20 March. Houghton was
arrested in South Yorkshire in connection with the incident in Bristol Mews,
Worksop, at 1.30am on 23 January 2019 where a 31-year-old man and a 30-year-old
woman were hit on the head after three people forced their way into their home
and tried to take the keys to a car. However, they left empty-handed and four
people were seen running off. Enquiries are continuing to trace further people
in connection with the incident and anyone with information is urged to call
Nottinghamshire Police on 101, quoting incident number 28 of 23 January 2019,
or Crimestoppers anonymously.

So to give you some updates from the areas:

On the North Team - Pc Harry Shaw has met with partners
at the Bassetlaw District General Hospital arranging training with the security
staff in efforts to reduce demand on Police resources, and the Team recently
assisted Bassetlaw District Council in the closure of a property on Trent
Street that was a source of complaints and ASB. Officers also met with Council
partners to discuss youth nuisance in Rhodesia as part of on-going ASB intervention,
and have increased patrols in the Gateford Road / Sandy lane area due to reports
of drug dealing activity and ASB leading to the seizure of two vehicles.

Following a recent proactive stop by Pc Fenton in the St
Anne’s estate, an offender led him to a hoard of property stolen from the
Travel Lodge recovering six suitcases belonging holiday makers destined for a
cruise, and PCSO Dale has been liaising with residents in the Ashes Park Avenue
area regarding on-going youth nuisance; patrols have been carried out on a
number of occasions with a view to identifying those involved.

PCSO’s Parker and Barlow are involved in our Police cadet
programme and patrol with them locally around north Worksop regularly, and PCSO’s
Parker and Shaw continue to patrol Carlton in Lindrick, Langold and Blyth
tackling youth nuisance and ASB. In response to recent burglary offences in the
same area stepped up patrols leading to five suspects being arrested. 

Our Police Officers have been busy over the past couple
of weeks with several arrests including offences relating to Drugs, Violence,
Immigration, Court/ Prison to name a few. 

We are planning ‘Pop-up surgeries’ in public places so our
staff can speak to local residents about their issues.

The North Team have recently reviewed those Wanted on
Warrant in Worksop and PC Harry Shaw has improved practices to reduce the
number of those outstanding; the result being ten offenders have been arrested
by the Bassetlaw Team and placed before the Court; and a female recently
arrested by PC Fenton for a Burglary in the Kilton area was remanded and placed
before the Court where she remains on remand awaiting sentencing. 

The Team continue to focus on Sandy Lane and the
surrounding area concerning reports of drug dealing & misuse as well as Anti-Social
Behaviour.  We continue to encourage
residents to pass information to the Police to assist in combatting this using
101 or anonymously via Crimestoppers.

PCSO John Dale has been visiting victims of fraud in
addition to his normal duties and now makes several visits a week to people who
have fallen victim to on-line and telephone fraud where he discusses the
incident with the victim, offering advice and guidance, and conducting a
safeguarding assessment making referrals to our partner agencies where

On the South Team – PC’s Hurley and Topham have been out
in the evenings and on weekends on Op Jericho patrolling the rural areas in
relation to nuisance motorbikes, poaching and theft. PC Hurley is currently meeting
many of the rural estate and we are keen to embed this operation into our routine

The South Team is also going to begin trialling ‘Pop-up
surgeries’ to speak to local residents to establish their views on Policing

The Town Centre Beat Manager PC Daniel Tynen organised
two, “Days of Action” on the beat with additional resources patrolling the area
to combat Anti-Social Behaviour, drug use and retail theft. We have received
positive feedback from the public and businesses alike, and this is something
that will continue on a regular basis in the future.

Homelessness has been highlighted as a public concern
although Worksop is no different to many towns across the nation and Town
Centre Beat Manager PC Glenn Turner has worked closely with partner agencies on
Operation Steppingstones, and together they have this week successfully rehomed
two, “street drinkers” who have been sleeping outside in the Town Centre.

The Manton Beat Team continues patrols on the force quad
bike covering rural areas tackling rural offending and has attended community
meetings at Clumber Park to update tenants and employees about any recent deployments.
Anti-Social Behaviour patrols also continue in the Manton area in response to
calls from the community.

At East Bassetlaw officers from Harworth have been
conducting patrols in the Bawtry Road area as a result of reports of teenagers
trespassing and causing damage in the evenings.

Several incidents have been reported by the public of
poachers on land and four persons were detained and interviewed along with
vehicles and a number of air weapons being seized, and the Team have recently
executed a search warrant in Harworth and recovered a number of air rifles and
a quantity of cash in relation to rural crime.

Officers have been at Serlby Park Academy this week to
carry out assembly talks to years 5 through to 11 and given education and
advice regarding bullying as part of the national Anti Bullying campaign.

We have been seeking volunteers this week on social media
to become involved in the community speed watch.  If anyone is interested then please contact
the Harworth beat manager Pc Jim Martin. They have also been dealing with a
vulnerable elderly victim of fraud having been targeted by online scammers who
have managed to access her accounts.  We
have put this information on our website in an effort to prevent those vulnerable
in our society from being victims in this way.

The Team at Retford have been conducting proactive
patrols in the area looking for those who uninsured or disqualified, and as a
result a stolen vehicle was identified and two persons arrested. They have also
been at Court again this week in relation to the recent Criminal Behaviour
Order successfully obtained for an individual who offends in Retford.  This individual has already breached the
order and will return to Court.

The investigation for the recent burglary series that
occurred in the Town Centre continues and five people arrested will be dealt
with at Court when charges are preferred, and Colin FAIRWEATHER, another Town
Centre offender, was sentenced to 22 months at Crown Court recently for Section
20 wounding / inflicting GBH and possession of an offensive weapon from June

On a lighter note a mobility scooter stolen from the Town
Centre was recovered by the team, and became subject to a Facebook photo post
as PC Hagland navigated it back through town to its rightful owner. Some say
it’s preparation for his retirement.

The Retford Team were the first on scene at the recent stabbing
in the town and, due to local knowledge, were instrumental in the
identification and arrest of the offender. The Team also arrested Shane HULLS
and Nigel WOOD for several theft offences in Worksop being charged and remanded
to Court.  Both currently have Criminal
Behaviour Orders and the Team are now seeking to add further conditions to
actively manage these offenders.

In the last week there have been two swans killed in
Retford and other birds shot.  We are
seeking information on Social Media from members of the public regarding those
responsible and proactive patrols are in place in an effort to identify the
offenders and welcome any help you can give.

The Harworth Team have reported a local resident for
summons for firearms offences after a Warrant was executed at their address due
to the suspicion of a connection with poaching; two air weapons were seized and
after analysis by the forensic unit have been determined to be overpowered
making them Section 1 Firearms which require Certificates to possess lawfully.
The offender will subsequently appear in Court.

The Harworth Team have been actively patrolling the
various building sites where housing development is taking place in response to
an increase of incidents of theft or suspicious activity has been reported.

Operation Bifocal (exclusively rural focussed) was conducted
by the team during the evening of Saturday 9th February leading to two vehicles
being seized, two Section 59 notices  issued and several vehicles checked by
officers who responded to reports of poaching incident’s.

On the 16th & 17th February
officers from Harworth & Retford conducted rural patrols using the quad
bike paying a quick visit to the regional Ploughing Match on Tinker Lane,
Barnby Moor before responding to a rural incident at Lound and dealing with a
fire in Bryndale Woods, Harworth with the fire service.

The Team visited several areas, including Harworth,
Blyth, Bevercotes, Bothamsall, and Crookford before they responded to an incident
at Worksop to support their West Bassetlaw colleagues.  This will continue to be a regular event in
our area to support our rural community.