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Inspectors Walker's Blog - May 2019

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Generally, crime levels for May are comparable to the previous month and the same period last year. The areas where we have seen an increase are burglary and robbery. As you may have seen in the local news the robbery team has now been set up with officers whose sole focus is robbery.  The team is based at St Ann’s and we hope this will help reduce the number of robberies and bring those responsible to justice.

The increase in burglaries is largely due to sheds and outbuildings being targeted so I would ask for people to be mindful of ensuring that any outbuildings are locked and left secure and where possible no items of value are left on view.  Clifton is one area that has suffered with the burglary increase however we have had some success in this area with our two main targets, who we believe are responsible for a number of offences, being arrested on the 22nd of May. They were charged with related offences, remanded and have pleaded guilty at Court receiving fines and a Community Order. Whilst we would have hoped for a stronger sentence we are now working with colleagues in the Council and Housing in an effort to look at civil options to prevent their continued offending.

The persistent beggar who begs around the restaurants on the A453 breaching in breach of his Criminal Behaviour order has been arrested and taken to court again and been given another longer suspended sentence. We continue to police his order and take action whenever he breaches it.

The Anti-social behaviour by groups of youths on the Tram (NET) and Bus (NCT) network has been significantly reduced following another operation (Op Entoilled) on the Trams that took place on Saturday 11th April in conjunction with NET staff.

The Meadows NPT have been working with the Council in order to evict a male from his address on Arkwright Walk following his conviction for supplying drugs. This case is currently going through civil court and is using part of the legislation which we have not widely used before, if successful this would be major result and should make it easier to seek absolute possession in future cases.

The Neighbourhood Team executed two drugs warrant in Bakersfield this month, on Langdale Rd and Dale View Road, as well as supporting our colleagues from Carlton in carrying out a warrant on their area, involving the same offenders. Quantities of drugs were seized during these warrants. The Team continue to build up intelligence to obtain drug warrants where the evidence allows.

The St Ann’s team continue to patrol areas highlighted as ASB and drugs hotspots using stop and search powers where appropriate and proportionate. The areas currently highlighted include Dane Close, Alison Walk and Lewis Close. We are also aware of the increased activity in and around Victoria Park.An incident occurred on the 10th of April in St Anns with numerous reports of young person’s fighting, with some being armed with weapons.  Whilst a male was arrested on the night and two metal poles recovered some of those involved were not identified in possession of large knives. Following an extensive search for CCTV from premises around the area two 17 year old males were arrested on Thursday the 23rd of May. These males are currently on police bail, with conditions not to enter the St Ann’s area.

A joint meeting took place last week with housing, NDO’s, youth services and police to look at engagement opportunities with the groups causing issues around Allison Walk and Lewis Close area. The NPT will continue to prioritise this issue and take positive action where grounds exist. On the 18thof May Craig Roach was stopped and found in possession of shotgun, he was arrested and subsequently charged with the offence.  A fantastic result and a dangerous weapon removed from the streets.

As part of our continued effort to tackle knife crime and serious violence the knife crime team have spent time in the area following our successful bid at the last Force tasking process. We have again been successful in bidding for the team who will split their time between the City South, City Central and Ashfield areas. Additional patrols have and will be taking place due to funding as part of Op Scorpion.

Officers from St Ann’s were invited to and attended the Easter Celebrations at the St Mary and St George Coptic Church where they were made to feel very welcome. The next few weeks will be a busy period with lots of activity taking place which the NPT will be involved in such as the Cricket World Cup (policing not playing!), Jumpers for Goal Posts at Clifton, International Triathlon on the Embankment, Detonate Festival, National Greyhound Derby final and the Armed Services day in St Ann’s.