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Inspector Heather Sutton's blog: June 2019

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Hi Everyone,We have started the year well and are showing a reduction in crime year-to-date and our rolling twelve month figure continues to fall. Year to date all crime is currently -5.1%, burglary is -38.2%. That’s 66 less burglary victims since April when compared to the same period last year. There have been some significant arrests and lots of work around crime prevention. I have seen only one insecure burglary recently, so thank you to everyone who is making that extra effort to keep their property secure and share crime prevention advice. I have also seen a number of incidents where residents are reporting suspicious activity (first thing I look at when reviewing such incidents is our response time!), this helps give us a head start, so thank you and please do keep reporting. Crime prevention advice can be accessed via this link: https://www.nottinghamshire.police.uk/advice/prevention/home. We have seen a 20% reduction in ASB which is the result of extensive partnership work I spoke about in my last blog. The diversionary youth work continues and we ran the last event on Tolney Lane which was a great hit with the children and young adults. Happy to report that ASB connected to the use of ‘laughing gas’ legal highs in Rainworth and Blidworth appears to have abated as fast as it began. We have found little to no evidence of use during our patrols and our engagement with young people in and around remains largely positive and without issue. We will continue to monitor the situation. Following a recent spate of graffiti through Newark and in particular the Lincoln Road area, we have been working with Newark & Sherwood District Council to establish who the culprits are. We have identified 4 young people responsible for 2 separate spates of graffiti in the Winthorpe area. Both of these incidents were dealt with by Restorative Justice through activities carried out on Saturday 18th May. Restorative Justice is designed to provide an opportunity for the Police to deal with appropriate low level offences without going through formal criminal justice sanctions, which could result in a young person thus having a criminal record for what could be a momentary lapse of judgment. In both cases, the young people were asked and agreed to remove graffiti, either the graffiti they had done, or, if that was not possible, in a specific nearby spot. We are asking for the public’s help in identifying those responsible for the ‘Candy Shop’ and ‘UDC’ graffiti tagging that we have seen around the Town. Please stand with us in this fight against graffiti and report any information or incidents. Over the last few months the Community Cohesion Officers have been supporting us by undertaking a piece of work around seeking to improve relationships with our Eastern European communities and better understand their needs and concerns. A survey will be taking place with police, council, PCC’s youth commissioner and volunteers W/C 17th June. Out of this we will identify tasks, areas to improve and key contacts. I am aware this has been done in years gone by, however we currently believe that the Eastern European community in Newark can be quite transient, therefore it serves to refresh the survey. As you may have seen in the media Nottinghamshire Police have received £1.5 million funding to be spent on reducing knife crime. Newark and Sherwood is classed as a ‘Low risk’ area for knife crime however I am still keen to use every opportunity to ensure it stays that way and we are ahead of the game preventing knife crime. We have just put metal detecting knife wands in all the police vehicles to assist officers with stop and search. Our response will be slow and steady as we undertake a variety of knife crime prevention activity over the next year. On Saturday 25th May we deployed the knife arch into the night time economy and a number of officers on high visibility patrol as part of our knife prevention work. Officers were on hand to detain anyone deviating from the arch for a stop and search. Over 200 people passed through the arch, and as expected no weapons were found. The message is clear, Newark and Sherwood is a safe place and currently does not suffer from knife crime, we are working extremely hard and taking preventative measure to ensure it stays that way.Head over to https://www.nottinghamshire.police.uk/knifecrime to find out more.