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Insp Hall Blog June 2019

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Hello and welcome to my June 2019

I like to reflect upon the Ashfield
Community Partnership. Our district has seen some challenging policing issues and
it is no secret that the district has traditionally been an area which creates
a high volume of demand for police services. This year is proving no different.

The drivers for crime and disorder
stem from many socio-economic factors, many of which are out of the sphere of
influence of the police. It was for this reason that the Crime and Disorder Act
1998 was introduced and created statutory obligations for government agencies
and local authorities to work together to reduce such problems.

In Ashfield we do this as part of
the Ashfield Community Partnership. Since starting in my position in September
last year I have had the privilege of watching this partnership work well
together and deliver some excellent results, both reducing crime and keeping
people safe. A good example is the multi-agency problem solving plan we applied
to the Coxmoor estate earlier this year. As a result of co-ordinated action by
the Police, ADC, Fire Service and Youth Services, the estate has seen real
reductions in crime and ASB.

More importantly this is being felt
by the community and I was over the moon to hear a local community leader state
in a recent meeting that “The estate is better now than it has been for years”.
Whilst this level of co-ordinated activity has now reduced, it does not mean
that work has stopped in Coxmoor. I have now allocated the area two dedicated
police officers and two dedicated PCSO’s, all of which are gaining a real
footprint on the area by being involved in longer term community projects that
are also supported by the partnership.

This is exactly the type of work
that I am trying to encourage and deliver within our district and thank our
partners for their continued investment with the two current plans we are
operating in Sutton town Centre and Sutton East.

It is the vision of Nottinghamshire Police to work
with partners and the communities we serve to make Nottinghamshire a safe,
secure place to live, work and visit. Partnership problem solving work is
clearly central to delivering this vision and it is my intention to continue to
build of the momentum we have developed.