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Inspector Walker's Blog - August 2019

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Overall crime across the city south, at the time of writing, has risen slightly 4.5% compared to the previous month. We have seen a good reduction in burglary with 17.1% which equates to 7 less offences and therefore 7 less victims which is really positive. As we would expect with the onset of summer and the warmer weather we have seen an increase in ASB behaviour across the area however most of the ASB reported is low level and the teams have been targeting the hot spots as part of their patrol plans.Robbery, auto-crime and shop theft remain at relatively constant levels although we do recognise that shop theft is an issue particularly in the Clifton area where Operation Uncolt has been devised in an effort to tackle persistent offenders.

The City South priorities have now been selected as Serious Violence, Acquisitive Crime and Drugs, these are strategic overarching priorities which are applicable to the whole of the city south and will not replace those issues discussed at a local level. These strategic priorities will be published on the Force Website on the NPT pages and an update given on each monthly with the priorities themselves being reviewed quarterly.

The Meadows NPT have been extremely busy this month. There have been a number of reports of drug users walking into the Meadows area to be dealt to. The main locations currently seem to Risley Drive telephone boxes, and around the Toll Bridge.  In conjunction with the Community Protection BT have been approached with a view to removing the telephones boxes or at least removing the telephones from within however BT are unwilling to do so at present. We are currently looking to have additional patrols in the area with officers working on overtime in an effort to tackle the problem.

The Meadows team also conducted a speeding operation on the Embankment where 1 ticket was issued for speeding and 16 drivers were warned regarding their speed.

The Sneinton NPT are heavily involved in a number of ASB neighbour issues, which are protracted and take some time to bring to a resolution. We are working very closely with the relevant housing providers to look at building up a case and where police enforcement action can be taken, we will be doing so. We have been and will continue to be a visible presence in the main hotspot areas of Westwood and Kentwood Rd and Sneinton Boulevard. Lately there have been a number of issues on Linton Rise involving noise, footballing on the street and general nuisance and the group involved have been identified and are being visited by local officers and Community Protection Enforcement Officer.

The Clifton Team were involved in the arrest of Leigham MYERS on the 21st of July after he was wanted for another 13 breaches of his Criminal Behaviour Order for begging in Clifton. This time he has been sentenced to 44 weeks in prison. This has took a significant amount of work from the team and so we are really pleased with the sentence.

Klayton Smith has been arrested for the stabbing which took place in Clifton Lane on 14th of June following the the Police offering a £1500 reward for information and he has now been charged with related offences.

St Ann’s continues to experience issues with street level dealing and the NPT are working hard with partners to tackle this and have recently made a number of arrests and recovered drugs. In addition to this enforcement a number of young people involved have been referred to third sector organisations who provide support and diversionary activities in an effort to prevent further offending.

The NPT have also executed two Misuse of Drugs act warrants at an address on Paxton Gardens and are working closely with colleagues in Community Protection to try and secure a closure order on the premises due to the recovery of drugs and the on-going ASB.

The City South NPT are looking forward to fun but busy summer and attending some of the numerous community events including Parkgate Summer Event, Love NG3, Sneinton Community Event, Picnic in the Park, Inspiring the Next Generation to name but a few.