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Inspector Heather Sutton's blog: August 2019

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Inspector Suttons blog for August was a video blog that was published on our Newark Police Face book page. Below is a transcript of that video.

Hi everyone thanks for tuning in. Inspector Heather Sutton
here, District commander for Newark and Sherwood Police.

This is the first video blog that I’ve done, I do written
monthly blogs on the first of each month and they get published on our Notts
Police website and then we share them with everyone on our social media, but I
have seen other people do video blogs which feel much more interactive and I
think people will be able to view it a bit easier.

So this is the first one, let us know on a comment below
whether you found it helpful or not and we will use that to decide whether we
move forward with written blogs or video blogs.

First thing to hit off with is the hot weather, I sure you
all haven’t missed that. We do have issues in relation to hot weather in terms
of policing. One issue that we see during the summer is people going into water
during hot weather; we’ve got a lot of nice areas of water in Newark and
Sherwood and in the lakes. We get children jumping in the water thinking
they’re having a bit of fun and trying to cool off, It’s really really
dangerous. We’ve done lots of water safety events to educate children around
the dangers in the water; the fire service has been out to educate children
along with the Life boat organisations. Please don’t go into the water, it’s
really dangerous and it puts other people in danger when we have to rescue them
as well. So share that message with your children, with your friends, enjoy the
hot weather but don’t enjoy the water.

Moving on from hot weather, burglaries, insecurities, so
people are going to want to have their doors open, their windows open, ect.
Please just make sure that when you go to bed at night that if you are leaving
your windows on the latch that you lock them to ensure that they cant be forced
open and if you do have any ground floor windows ensure that they are closed
when you are out of the property or when you go to bed at night. With patio
doors being open during the day we find that people forget to lock them at
night so just before you go up to bed or leave the house have a quick check
round, make sure that your property is secure and just look at it through the
eyes of a burglar, would they be able to get into your property through
insecurities? There has been a drastic improvement on people keeping their
properties secure so I thank you for that and ask you to keep that in the
forefront of your mind as we go into the summer months.

Pets in cars and on pavements, pavements can be really hot
for pets paws and we get lots of calls about dogs being locked inside cars so
please make sure that you are being considerate around your pets during the hot

The other thing to be aware of is sun stroke and the impact
that alcohol can have on you whilst your out in the sun it can really obviously
dehydrate you with the sun and with consuming alcohol so if you are going out
and enjoying a beverage then please just be sensible around that and keeping
yourself hydrated, other than that enjoy the nice weather.

Moving on to crime stats then, I talk about crime stats
quite often. I do take them in context with what the public are saying and I do
understand that these are reported crime stats and not every crime is reported.
I compare year to date so whenever I look at figures I always compare the same
things to make sure we get a true picture from the stats about what’s
happening. So all crime year to date is down by 5% still which is really really
positive especially moving towards the summer months where we generally tend to
see an increase in crime. Robbery has stabilised, I know some people feel there
has been an increase in robberies in the area but compared to last year there
is the same amount and as we’ve previously said we are talking about it more
and that’s why you feel that it might be happening more, it’s just that were
telling you about it where as last year perhaps we wouldn’t have done so .

Burglaries are down by 27% which is a huge 76 victims,
that’s 76 less victims for burglaries which I am really pleased with and there’s
been some quite significant arrests that have led to that.

Bicycle theft is down by 22.7%. I know that bicycle theft is
something that is really concerning members of the public so we have undertaken
a lot of work around bicycle theft. Even though the stats are showing that its
down it is a concern to the public I know that it does cost you a lot and
you’re out of pocket when your push bikes are stolen and therefore we’ve taken
it forward so thats just an example of how we don’t purely go on the stats. On
the back of that officers were out on patrol the other night and detained a
gentleman trying to nick a push bike, he was arrested and the investigation is
still on-going on that one so we are working hard on bicycle theft.

Vehicle offenses are up by 23.2% I know there’s been lots of
concern around tools being stolen from workmen’s vehicles and the beat team
again have got a plan around that, there’s been some night time patrols in
plain clothes trying to locate those offenders before they actually commit the
offense, we always want to nick someone for an attempted offense rather than
the actual offense being completed.

Next I want to come on to anti-social behaviour. This is
something that we always see spikes during the summer; I am getting more
complaints around anti-social behaviour in the town centre. There’s been a
number of breaches of Criminal Behaviour Orders that have been put towards the
courts and we will obtain criminal behaviour orders on the back of criminal
convictions for anybody that engages in anti-social behaviour in the town
centre. It blights the community, it affects everybody that’s there and there’s
a small group of offenders that are committing anti-social behaviour in the
town centre. We’ve been working over the last few weeks to gather the evidence,
we have it and we are coming for you. You have a choice to engage in positive
activity or to engage in the negative activity and you will be dealt with. In
terms of positive activity there’s lots of events that are being put on, there’s
a youth diversion event that’s taking place on the 1st August
between half past 3 and 7 o’clock, that’s going to be on at the Riverside Park.
The Police Officers will be there to talk to them, there’ll be lots of activities,
it’s going to be advertised on social media as well. So you’ve got the choice
to go and cause anti-social behaviour and be prosecuted for it or to go and
enjoy the positive community activities. There’s going to be further events
planned for probably around the 15th August and again we will
advertise them so please make the right choice and enjoy the summer.

There’s been a number of high visibility patrols in and
around the areas and I hope you’ve seen the officers out in the town centre,
they’ve also been on the roads to deal with some of the inquisitive crime
offenders that are travelling into our area. Along with that we also have plain
clothed officers in the area detecting offenses  so you might not always see them but we are
there and whenever we get a positive result such as the male arrested for the
pushbike theft then we will try and share those with you.

The only other thing I’ve got to say is report it, I think I
say it every single time, if there is something that is happening no matter how
minor please report it through 101 or directly to your beat team so we can make
an assessment as to whether there’s a trend there and we can follow that up.

We love all your interaction on social media, we love to read
your comments and we have our social media team who manage direct messages for
us. They can’t take reports of crime so they will ask you to report it through
101 but please keep engaging.

That’s all for now, thank you.