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Inspector Christine Busuttil Blog: November 2019

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In October City North Shows an overall decrease of 7 offences which is very pleasing to see. 

Main features are:-

Robbery which is up by 6, 4 of these are personal robberies with no patterns and one being a late report from some months ago. 

Burglary dwellings have now evened out but on the build-up to xmas this has potential to increase so here is some useful crime prevention advice:-

• Do not leave presents under xmas trees particularly near windows where an opportunist can see them. 

• Be mindful of leaving large empty boxes by your bins that indicate that high valued items have just been bought and are inside.

• Keep your windows and doors locked at all times.

• Any added security to your property is always beneficial such as secure gating and CCTV, easy targets will always be the first option. 

Commercial breaks are on the increase so again any added crime prevention will always be a bonus. When investing in CCTV ensure it is of a reasonable standard and has the relevant lighting to support it if needs be.

Theft from person has a slight increase and again at this time of year this could increase more with the likelihood of purse and phone thefts from customers who are out shopping. 

• Keep your belongings on you at all times zipped securely in any bag or pocket, thieves target whilst you are distracted looking at potential presents and xmas cards.

• Be vigilant of people observing you particularly if you have placed your bag in a shopping trolley; they will wait until you look away. 

• Be mindful of anyone bumping into you as this is also a tactic to distract you whilst stealing from your bag or pocket. 

• Lastly look after each other and pass this advice on particularly to the elderly.

• We are once again giving purse/bag bells out, just ask any of the team you see out and about and we will be more than happy to oblige. 

Drug and knife priority update:-

Increased high visibility patrols have reduced issues around Elmbridge shops on Beckhampton road and Golf Close Bulwell we will continue to patrol these areas to deter the carrying of knives and other weapons whilst also preventing drug related anti-social behaviour. 

We will also monitor other areas nearby where the large groups may have dispersed to. 

Patrol plans will remain in place over the next 2 months to ensure consistency. 

The Neighbourhood team attended the prison twice last month in a joint operation with staff and are pleased to report that out of 42 vehicles searched we only issued one ticket for traffic matters and seized a small amount of drugs resulting in a cannabis warning, these are excellent results showing a decline in prohibited items being smuggled into the prison. 

We also increased patrols in robbery hotspot areas where knives had been used as reports showed a spike in robberies during the month of October, we have managed to achieve a 33% reduction in offences and hope to keep the good work up in the led up to Christmas. 

On one of the evenings whilst out on patrol officers were able to quickly retrieve a bag that had been stolen a short time earlier, the bag still contained some valuable items that we were able to return to the victim.  

Youth provision in the area is increasing with regular football supported by Notts Forest at Bulwell Riverside, The Ridge and Southgalde leisure centre. For more info www.nottinghamforestcommunitytrust.co.uk There is also Basketball sessions held at the Riverside in Bulwell. 

A dispersal order was put in place for Beckhampton road and the surrounding area for 2 days in October but fortunately we didnt need to use it, this gives officers the power to direct an individual to leave the area for a stipulated length of time decided by the officer at the time.

Knife crime falls by 8.7% in Notts

Knife crime reduced by 8.7% in Nottinghamshire in the last year, new statistics have revealed.

The reduction follows a series of proactive policing operations, the reintroduction of Schools and Early Intervention Officers to secondary schools across the county and a bespoke new programme for all primary schools, as well as the continued focus by the dedicated Knife Crime Team to enforce against knife crime. 

It also comes as the Force works alongside partners and the community on interventions and actions including knife amnesties, with the latest knife amnesty and week of action taking more than 1,000 knives out of circulation.

In total, offences fell from 882 to 805 in the 12 months to the end of September 2019.

Good News 

 A traffic op took place at Top Valley Drive in the 20mph zone close to the school in October and resulted in a number of drivers given words of advice, there were four traffic offence reports given for speeding and one car was seized for no insurance.

SENTENCE: Man jailed following drugs and weapons offences

Thomas Swift, of Tithe Gardens, Bestwood, pleaded guilty to the offences.

Swift was convicted of possession of cannabis with intent to supply, possession of class A drugs, and two counts of possession of a knife.

Swift first came to the attention of police when Op Reacher officers pulled over a car he was driving and noticed that it smelt strongly of cannabis.

When the car was searched, officers found cannabis and a knife. Several mobile phones were later discovered at a search of Swift’s home.

A two-year probation order was imposed on Ben McLean, 25, of Toothill Close, Calverton, who was in the car when it was stopped.

Following an incident earlier this year in Top Valley, Jordan HARRIS age 31, was found guilty for driving whilst disqualified. He was given 16 week imprisonment, disqualified from driving for 18 months and has to pay a prosecution cost of £620.

Full staffing contact details on our Police website.