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Inspector Neil Bellamy's Blog: February 2020

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I hope this Blog finds you all well, and to those that are reading one of my Blogs for the first time – welcome.

February has been a relatively busy month as you will see from some of the updates below.

2020 has seen a number of plans put in place and activity has already occurred with the execution of a number of warrants at Retford and Worksop.

Warrants will continue to be applied for and executed as my team and I continue to work to the priorities set during January – they can be found on the Nottinghamshire Police Website on the local Bassetlaw pages, but I have included a summary below;

Illicit drugs and their illegal sale, use, and the resultant behaviour they cause appear within a number of areas and as such will be regarded as Priority 1 for Bassetlaw.

Vehicle related issues including reckless and dangerous driving, speeding and off-road use appear within a number of areas and as such will be regarded as Priority 2 for Bassetlaw.

Antisocial Behaviour while not appearing within the OPCC priorities does appear on East Bassetlaw areas, and within the Town Centre at Worksop and therefore within a number of areas and as such will be regarded as Priority 3 for Bassetlaw.

Clearly there is considerable work taking place with regard to all the priorities from the Warrants mentioned above through speeding enforcement and Project Stepping Stones in Worksop Town Centre spearheaded by Bassetlaw District Council.

I will be welcoming two new officers in the coming months to the team at Worksop and will introduce those on their arrival, but will also be saying goodbye to PC Nathan Thomas who has been covering a large area of rural East Bassetlaw.

Nathan is off to pastures new at South Yorkshire Police and we certainly wish him well in his new venture. Fortunately for me, and the people of East Bassetlaw, PC Gareth Mitchell had returned to me some time ago from his foray into the world of armed Policing, and he has been supernumerary for a couple of months, but will simply assume the position that Nathan has held so giving a seamless transition.

In addition, Sergeant Rob Holmes of the South Team has left me for a brief period of acting as an Inspector, however, he should return relatively quickly to resume the good work that he has been doing with the team in the south of the town.

The North Team

The Worksop North team recently executed at warrant in the Gateford Road area. Officers put a lot of effort into planning the operation and were joined by other departments to assist in the execution. This is part of our commitment to disrupt those on the area who area actively committing crime. Enquiries continue following the warrant.

Beat Team officers were recently involved in a pursuit in the Worksop area which resulted in the offending vehicle losing control on Raymoth Lane. A male was detained after a short foot chase and a further male has since been identified as the driver; he will be interviewed at a later date.

Our PCSO’s have been patrolling the local car parks in relation to traffic nuisance, notably ‘boy racers’. Several notices have been issued for careless / anti-social driving and the Council have followed up with notices in the post warning drivers of their conduct.

The Team have also made several arrests over the course of the past few weeks for offences including disqualified driving, failing to appear at court and possession of drugs.

The South Team

February was a busy month for the Worksop South and rural team with some excellent proactive arrests. These included locals Stevie and Lee Richardson, Nigel Bradford, Jacob Fores, Tiffany Carmichael and Darren Stocken for drug related or prolific shop theft offences.
We have continued to regularly patrol the Canch and Priory Gatehouse areas and with the CCTV also now in place this is having a positive effect keeping drug users away from the area.

We also began tackling ASB issues with young motorists at the Priory car park and Morrison’s with numerous warning notices issued in conjunction with the Council and the North Team.

February also saw our first ‘Ride Along’ volunteer who went on patrol with two beat officers to see how the Police operate. The feedback was excellent a real insight to policing (Further info can be found on Nottinghamshire Polices’ website)

Whilst on patrol officers recovered stolen plant machinery from a compound off Canal Street, a large quantity of stolen diesel and found two cannabis grows on Hardwick Road and Cheapside with the offenders being arrested.
team also assisted in a drugs warrant on Gateford Road and at two addresses in Retford where recent intelligence has confirmed drug dealing.

Looking forward we have agreed with Morrison’s to use a new office near to the entrance of the store for a surgery every 2nd Tuesday of the month where people can discuss issues whilst shopping.
We also will be shortly taking receipt of our ‘Pop Up’ surgery equipment allowing officers to set up in the more rural areas allowing people to come and talk. Weather permitting.

The East Bassetlaw Team

Following the death of Jordan Sinnot in Retford Town Centre several persons have been arrested in connection with this incident. Two males were charged with his manslaughter and currently remain on remand.

The team have been targeting drug dealers on East Bassetlaw, in-particular within the Retford area. We have executed two drugs warrants with the support of other departments including West Bassetlaw colleagues and the dog section.

Officers on this operation also detained several persons for drug possession.

We will continue with this work and pursue those dealing in the area with more activity planned.

The Retford team assisted response colleagues in arresting Darren MARSDEN for failing to appear at court for drug driving offences.

A further male, Alex SHAW 18 years has also been arrested for assault, public order and criminal damage at the train station.

Once again, several vehicles being used in an anti-social manner, in connection with crime and having no tax/insurance have been seized by the neighbourhood teams this month.

We are currently planning some traffic operations over the next month on East Bassetlaw. This will primarily concentrate on speeding and use of mobile phones. Together with the fire service we will focus on educating the drivers and look to prosecute those who flaunt the law.

Officers from Retford NPT arrested a male wanted for burglary on Armstrong Road area. He is also on a prison recall and so will be detained at Her Majesty’s pleasure for a while.

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