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Inspectors Christine Busuttil Blog: April 2020

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As we start a new working year in unprecedented times I would like to Start by saying a big


to those who are complying with government guide lines, I know it has been tough adjusting and understanding what we can and cannot do but I think we are just about there now and making a significant contribution to stopping the spread of the coronavirus.

The year April 2019 – March 2020 has seen 187 less crimes which amounts to a 2.5% decrease however I am aware that self-isolation and Social distancing may have contributed towards this.

Main increase of note is Criminal damage +89 =10.8% increase over the year this is due to spikes in damage such as spates of cars being damaged in Bulwell and Bestwood and also some small groups of youths committing mindless damage.

We removed 17 more crime related weapons off offenders last year compared to the year before which brings our total for last year to 99 which is really positive. This does not include weapons voluntarily handed in or weapons we have seized after being found so the actual figure will be higher than that.

Antisocial behaviour was down by 149 which equals 6.6% decrease which is also positive.

City North priorities –

Criminal damage and Anti-social behaviour

Since the introduction of the new priority for City North of reducing Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB)

The good news is that overall there has been a -15% reduction ASB from 140 incidents to 119.

Bestwood (+6%), Sherwood (-26%), Bulwell Forest (-62%) and Bulwell (+10%)

There haven’t been any particular hotspots apart from Bulwell. Most of the ASB has occurred around Bulwell Tesco Extra which mainly involved youth’s congregating at Tesco and cars causing nuisance in around the car park.  

• The beat teams took action by patrolling the areas at the times the ASB was occurring.

• We worked closely with a school behavioural specialist to identify the young people and they were reminded that they were representative of their schools and it could lead to exclusions and other punishments.

• Other youths that where linked to ASB had home visits by the police and other partner agencies that such behaviour would not be tolerated and could lead to tenancy action if the parents did not help to curb the ASB.

• Vehicle owners causing ASB with the threat of section 59 notices (the vehicle can be confiscated). Thankfully this had the desired effect.

• We have worked closely with Community Protection Officers and a number of fines have been issued re littering.

• Working with the council cameras have been installed near Rufford Walk to reduce ASB, two cameras have been placed near Blenheim Industrial to reduce ASB.

• Extra patrols have taken place in all identified hotspot areas.

• Persons who were suspected to be involved have had home visits.

• We will continue to monitor any further incidents and work with our partners to ensure we deal with mindless vandalism in a timely manner.

Please note the link below to help direct you to the relevant department quickly should you be suffering antisocial behaviour. We encourage people to report ASB by calling 101, council 01159152020 or via the council website http://www.nottinghamcity.gov.uk/reportantisocial

Criminal damage - Update for March

Since the last update for criminal damage we have continued to see a reduction in offences reported to the Police. Compared to the same period the month before across the whole City North we have had a 40% reduction, which brings us down to 31 crimes compared to 50

Your local beat team have continued to patrol areas with partner agencies such as Community Protection part of Nottingham City Council and also Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue service have patrolled key locations identified whilst they have been on their return to their base stations. There have been no real identified hot spots over the last two months, but historic locations such as Southglade Park area where problems have historically occurred have continued to be patrolled.

We have been into local schools and spoken to children about the dangers of causing damage and other associated crimes.

We have worked in partnership with key agencies within the community to help reduce criminal damage, this has included Trent Barton and Arriva buses, Nottingham City Councillors, fire and rescue and local councillors.

When required and crime trends have been identified then social media messages were relayed to the community to assist with  resolving the problem.

We have also launched Mini-Police at Southglade Primary school and we hope going forwards after the current Covid-19 social isolation has finished the mini-police will assist in educating other school children.

We will continue to patrol the streets of City North over the forthcoming weeks and months – but our focus over the next few weeks will naturally be the education of the governments message to stay at home, stay safe and safe loves against the Coronavirus.


City North Neighbourhood Policing will be closing the 3 month priority of ASB down and we will replace it with another priority that has yet to be confirmed.

As compared to February 2020 and March 2020 there has been a 32.6% increase in the reporting of ASB.

Bestwood (+68%), Sherwood (-10%), Bulwell Forest (+16%) and Bulwell (+43.1%)

Most of the increase in reporting is related to noise nuisance whereby people have been complaining of loud music being played by neighbours.

The rise in ASB has been anticipated due to the Covid 19 lockdown where people have been advised to stay at home.

There have not been any particular hotspots in the City North Area apart from Tesco Extra in Bulwell where there have been 7 incidents reported however the good news is that there has also been a reduction in reporting from February.

• The beat teams have been patrolling areas such as Tesco’s Extra in order to deter ASB.

• We have started to give people advice on social distancing and that no more than 2 people should be together if they are not part of the same household.

We encourage people to report ASB by calling 101, council 01159152020 or via the council website http://www.nottinghamcity.gov.uk/reportantisocial

OP Scorpion – knife crime initiative results for last month

Arrests 2

Stop Search 0

Weapons seized 1

Drugs seized 1

Vehicle Seizures 3

Quite a few of our planned activities were cancelled in March due to the Coronavirus however we used this time wisely by patrolling busy areas and offering reassurance and advice particularly in shopping areas during vulnerable shopping times. 

We still managed to achieve the above results by conducting high visibility proactive patrols around the city North area so all in all quite an active month. Patrols will continue throughout April giving advice and helping to keep all our community safe.

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