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Inspector Neil Bellamy's Blog: April 2020

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I hope this Blog finds you and your families well while hopefully not being too affected by the Lockdown, and perhaps looking forward to some easing in the not too distant future.

April has continued to present unique challenges as we deal with the issues generated by the Pandemic of Coronavirus and the Covid-19 results. The Police Service continues to provide the underpinning normal service to the public at large as well as taking on rather different responsibilities created by the Governments enacting into Law the responses to the Pandemic.

Neighbourhood Officers have been at the forefront of the visible Policing response and when speaking to people have endeavoured to:

• Reiterate that we are dealing with a national health emergency

• Reinforce the importance of complying with these new measures

• Strongly encourage people to adhere to them at all times

• Reinforce that the measures are there to protect our country and in particular the vulnerable

• Help prevent the spread of the virus in our communities

This deployment seeks to reinforce, and inform where necessary, the direction of HM Government re the ban on public gatherings. The aim of the ban is to maintain the health of the nation.  However, any flagrant disregard for Officers directions, and in particular disregard for their Health & Safety, such as spitting or coughing directly at Officers, will not be tolerated, and in such extreme and unexpected circumstances, offenders will be arrested.Each incident reported or found will be dealt with on its own merits in a balanced manner.

I would observe that high percentage of the population has complied with the requests made by HM Government; however, as with everything there are those that have flouted the restrictions. They have been dealt with appropriately and proportionately where possible.

Nottinghamshire Police are following the policing strategy directed by the National Police Chiefs Council which is currently focusing on Engaging with people contravening the restrictions, Explaining to them why they are in place (to save lives and protect the NHS) and then Encouraging them to go home and stay at home. Enforcement is a last resort for our officers to take and we are still following the British policing ethos of ‘policing by consent,’ to ensure that trust and confidence in the police service is maintained. Where transgressors’ behaviour is such that there is a necessity to enforce, then we will - and do - enforce.


The responsibility at present for any businesses which may be in breach of any of the legislation recently passed around Coronavirus COVID19, or guidelines on social-distancing lies with partners at Bassetlaw District Council and Nottinghamshire County Councils. The Police are able to enforce the legislation in respect of businesses and force their immediate closure, however, as you may expect at a time of crisis like this, effective partnership working is essential in providing the correct service to our communities.

I am confident that our partnership arrangements are strong in this respect and we will continue to work in support of the efforts of our partners in these areas and they will continue to take the lead in this area of the legislation.


I have conducted a remotely conducted Local Policing Priority Setting meeting which is different to the usual meeting simply because of the way we and our partners have to work due to COVID-19.

The meeting nevertheless considered all of the information provided by the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner's quarterly survey, data from local partners and our engagements with the community, plus our own statistical and call data. As might be expected, our over-riding priority at present is the policing of all of the issues presented by the Coronavirus pandemic.In support of the LPPSM process, the force recently launched a new neighbourhood policing priority survey to encourage communities to help shape local policing. This is part of our ‘What Matters’ campaign. The information gathered from these surveys will also be considered alongside the OPCC survey and all of the other data we consider in determining the local policing priorities each quarter. The survey takes just a few minutes to complete and is available for members of the public to complete online at www.nottinghamshire.police.uk/whatmatters

So some updates from Bassetlaw - despite the current challenges around Covid-19 our Officers and Staff the Worksop North Beat team are still getting out and about and it’s great to see that the majority of our public are still being sensible following the advice of the Government and Medical professionals.  We understand the frustration around the Lockdown especially when there are people who seem to be breaching these guidelines.  Rest assured that we are doing our best to engage with those out and about and encourage sensible behaviour. We have supported our Health Sector colleagues for 4 weeks running joining them in the ‘clap for carers’ to show our appreciation.  Bassetlaw Beat Team and Response Teams have attended the Bassetlaw District General Hospital on Thursday evening We’ve noticed an increase in off road nuisance around the rural areas.  We will continue to proactively patrol these areas but would also encourage members of the public to report those riding and driving illegally.Further arrests for drug driving have been made as well as persons failing to appear at court.  We have also seized several vehicles from those committing motoring offences.  Our Officers will continue to proactively Police the local hotspots and target those causing ASB and committing crime.

The South Team Officers arrested Michael MILNTHORPE for threats to commit damage to Police Vehicles and numerous Shop Thefts. Milnthorpe was sentenced to 20 weeks imprisonment

Officers conducted a late night plain clothes Operation to combat Town Centre Burglaries in Worksop. One male was arrested for Burglary at Poundstretcher, and on the nights the team worked no Town Centre Businesses were broken into.Due to the COVID -19 pandemic, our PCSO’s helped deliver Food parcels to our most vulnerable residents, ensuring they have the basic necessities to survive these worrying times.

PCSO’s issued a Section 59 for careless driving in Manton in Worksop.

Neighbourhood Policing Team Officers conducted a stop search on a male after he ran from Officers on Peppers Walk in Worksop Town Centre. He was found with a large bag containing Mamba, he is now due to attend Court.

PCSO’s acted upon a strong smell of Cannabis in Iceland on Bridge Place, and a male shopper disclosed he had a large bag of cannabis on his person. This was seized and he was issued a cannabis warning by an Officer.

Work is on-going to issue a new CBO on a local homeless male in the Town Centre at Worksop, with conditions restricting him from certain areas and shops.

The East Bassetlaw Team are continuing to conduct patrols to ensure the community stay safe whilst in lockdown.  Crime in general has reduced during this period however the Police continue to receive calls in relation to those few who continue to flaunt the lockdown rules and causing Anti- social behaviour.

As a result we are now issuing fines to those who have been warned and have a clear disregard for the law which has been implemented to protect us all.

As mentioned, our local crimes figures are relatively low but continue to be proactive within the community and we have received a very positive response from the public when conducting our patrols.  We have also made some good arrests!

The team arrested a male who was wanted for a domestic knifepoint robbery.  He was subsequently bailed however we continue to monitor this individual very closely.A further male who was wanted on a prison recall was also arrested by my Harworth team.  We are currently doing some proactive work in this area as another very elusive male is also wanted.

A Retford female who causes issues in the Town centre has also been arrested recently.  She was released, however due to her continued poor behaviour she has now been recalled back to prison.  We are continuing our efforts to locate and arrest this individual.

We are in general seeing an increase in fly tipping during the lockdown, especially in the rural areas.  We are however working in conjunction with the council so they can look at prosecuting those who are dumping their waste illegally. 

We are hoping the household waste depots will reopen very soon.

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