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Inspectors Busuttil's Blog: June

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Throughout May as some restrictions on lockdown were eased and people began to return to work crime slowly started to increase.

Over the last couple of weeks it now seems to be stabilising but I expect to see further peaks and troughs depending what the next few weeks brings.

Statistics for the last couple of weeks shows that all crime has reduced by 15 offences with the following to report:

Violence against the person reduced by 15 incidents which may well be down to the fact that we have a little more freedom now with being able to leave the house for longer and some returning to work. Domestic abuse is also down by four incidents which generally falls hand in hand with violence.

House burglary is creeping up with an increase of nine offences taking us to 15 as opposed to six in the two week period before. This also falls in line with people returning to work but some are offenders known to the victim so in general there is no particular pattern. 

Theft has shown a decrease after a sharp spike in shoplifting. Four offenders have now been dealt with which has helped towards the reduction.

Arson and damage has increased with a couple of grass fires featuring during the dry spell but other than this there is no particular pattern. If you see anyone trying to start a fire please let us know immediately on 101 or 999 if deemed an emergency.

You can find out more about what's happening in your aread by signing up to Neighbourhood Alert. 

Unprecedented times

Our next priority starting April in the City North area is going to focus very much on the current climate and keeping our communities safe during this unprecedented time.

This will encompass a variety of topics such as:

• Policing government guidelines • Potential increase in domestic abuse/violence• Helping with food supplies

These priorities have been locally identified through the Crime and Drugs Partnership respect survey along with the beat team itself in consultation with partner agencies. 

The prevention of crime and antisocial behaviour is a priority set out by the Police and Crime Commissioner as well as the Youth Commission Priorities to seek rehabilitation against re-offending.

These unprecedented times are inflicting the unknown upon us so we will remain in a position to react to any future evolving issues which fall under this umbrella whilst also continuing our hard work to keep you safe.

This is what the City North beat team including Community Protection will be doing over the next three months to help our communities get through these unprecedented times:

• Respond to as many reports as possible. • Patrol open spaces. • Patrol busy shopping areas.• Work with partner agencies. • Collate details of repeat offenders and utilise escalation process when necessary. • Help keep our NHS colleagues safe – fast tracking cases when appropriate.• Swiftly Process offenders and use police, civil and housing powers to hinder future activity. • Use social media to give you regular updates.

You can find out more about the Government's Coronavirus guidelines here.

April Update

We have had extra force wide dedicated patrols over the last few weeks to police hotspot areas where breaches have been more likely to occur. This is decided on a day to day basis and has proven a very useful resource.

Locally being out on patrol has been our main focus and we cover as many open spaces daily as possible along with busy shopping areas and any other areas that come into focus.

As the weeks/months pass we can see that most people have adapted well and a lot less advice is needed which is pleasing to see, particularly as we can expect some of the new habits to become the norm as members of public and workers adopt some basic measures permanently. 

May Update

We continued our patrols throughout May which proved to be a much busier month which will now continue as we come out of lockdown.

We are aware of street parties becoming increasingly popular and responding to them with positive action such as arresting when necessary and using a section 35 power which allows us to direct someone to leave the area or risk being arrested under that power.

We are also able to seize music equipment which is being used to cause a nuisance, which we did on Friday night.

So far, force wide we have issued 153 tickets directly relating to Covid 19 breaches which is fairly on par with what we expected.

You must remember to remain safe with social distancing at all times as we come out of lockdown and try to avoid a second wave of infections.

Good News

On Thursday 14 May the neighbourhood staff went out with the Reacher team to conduct high visibility mobile patrols in relation to a vehicle related operation.

We are pleased to report that no tickets were issued due to the roads being a little quieter than usual and no offences were identified. 

Two off-road bikes were seized during May and as this nuisance increases we have various planned operations to tackle this throughout the year. Please contact us with descriptions and locations of the bikes so we can attend and use the information towards future planning.

Bestwood’s Facebook page reached a staggering 5000 followers and we are very grateful for this and glad that we can keep more of the community informed - even the ones who live further afield.


Zumba – the new street Zumba seems to be going down a treat with ladies invited to join in from their own gardens every Monday from 11am.

The streets planned are Bonnington Close, Hoefield Road, Willowhill Close, Crabtree Road and Courtleet Way. I am not sure what this will look like long term but if you wish to join in then keep an eye out from 11am every Monday. Pictured above.

Am I antisocial?

If you want to steer clear of trouble, remember there are rules that say what you can do and where you can go.

These rules are called 'laws' and are there to keep you safe.

By understanding what you can and can't do, you'll know whether you or your friends are being antisocial.

Antisocial means what you are doing is upsetting somebody else.